Welcome to the Gallery, beautiful and stylish must-have pieces for your home or your wardrobe, and tasty things to tantalise your taste buds, perfect as gifts or a little something just for you.  All pieces are created by independent artists, designers and makers. If you would like to read more about each maker do have a look at the Emerging Brands and Inspiring Stories pages.

Alice xxx

Minty Sainsbury, Pencil Artist



Lily Irwin, Illustration



Pia Ostlund, Printmaker


Tom Zinovieff, Cabinet Maker


Natasha Hulse, Bespoke Headboard Design


Burds, Overalls in Black


Charm of Goldfinches, Rebecca Campbell



Piccolo Plates, Berry Jelly


Mimi Lipton, Black Coral Cuff


Anna Zieger, Health Coach


Alex McNamee Artist, ‘Molten & Inconsistency – Preserved Waves’, warped door and crystallised print


The Dress Label, Dahlia Dress


Marourde, Craft Mead


Maude Made, Julia Dress


Mademoiselle Macaron, Macaron Box


Klements, Dusk Maxi Dress


Arabella London, The Modern Bustier in Plum


Sophie Breitmeyer, Amethyst & Diamond Drop Earrings


Limehouse Ceramics, Salad Bowl


Nina Baxter Art, ‘You’re In Control I’, acrylic on canvas


Guy Field, Blue & White Striped Shirt


Photo taken by portrait, event & commercial photographer Benoît Grogan-Avignon
THE most amazing black clutch, beautiful leather with divider pockets inside to keep everything just where it should be
The Caradoc, ‘Beatty’ Small Pouch


Alicia Gradon, ‘Blue Jay’, pencil on paper


Rosanna Lonsdale, ‘Come Fly With Me’ Lamp


Peter Vaughan, Nespo


Karin Soderquist, ‘At The Museum’ Illustration


Grace LightmanSinger


Edwina Elkington Milliner,  Louisa Hat