I’m Alice 👧, a British 🇬🇧 lifestyle blogger ✏️ living in London.

I focus on British design 🏰, style 👠 and the arts 🎨 , write reviews on places I visit 🍰☕️ and posts on my life living in London.

I also write about other peoples stories, particularly up-and-coming British based designers and people starting new businesses, you can read more here.

When I’m not blogging, I work in London for an online clothing company 👗💻.

If you would like to ask me anything please do!

And if you would like to collaborate or contribute, definitely get in touch:

💻 Email: alicefrancesb@gmail.com

🎥Instagram and 🐥Twitter: @alicefrancesb

Other projects: @thatcoat 👘 by me and Emily @emilsbee


Blog Contributors



‘Hello, I’m Emily and I am delighted to be the first official contributor to Alice Frances! I am 25, I live in London and have an extensive and niche knowledge of films you have never watched. I have recently taken up cycling and am seeking treatment for my creme egg addiction.’ You can read Emily’s post here.


‘Peter Vaughan was born and raised in South London and began writing as a teenager. He is the winner of several short-fiction competitions and has quickly earned a strong reputation for contemplative and original writing that deals with subjects from the extraordinary to the existential’ – Biot Books. You can read Peter’s short story Safia Sails here.

Photos by Benoît Grogan-Avignon

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