Hello and glad you made it!

We are three friends from London and our blog is a little celebration of other peoples journeys.

All our contributors and the people we write about, have, in their own way decided to do something just a little bit different. They have veered off the conventional path and we are very happy to be sharing their stories.

You will find interviews, travel posts, reviews on art, film and theatre, recipes, shopping edits, a short story or two and every day life observations.

We hope that whilst sitting at your desk, or browsing your phone on your commute you will come across something that will inspire you. Perhaps you will learn something new, think about a topic in a different light or just spend 5 minutes sharing in someones else’s experience.

Happy reading!

Alice, Olivia & Emily


Alice Bray

‘I’m Alice, I live and work in London and love escaping to the English countryside.  I started this blog when I was unemployed and job hunting, as a place to share my interests and day-to-day activities.  Along the way I met so many other people who were pursuing unconventional careers paths. Some had escaped their desks to set up businesses, others were juggling multiple jobs whilst working towards turning their passion into a career.  So I decided to share their stories on the blog, with the hope that it will be an inspiration to anyone looking at doing something just a little bit different.’

Olivia Dueser

‘Frau Dueser to you! You’ll either find me strutting the streets of London in Trachten (dirndls for those who don’t understand Ze Germans) or spraying the town with glitter, and yes, it’s an addiction. If you find this vaguely amusing then check out my posts to discover all things Dueser.’

Emily Bray


‘Hello, I’m Emily and I am delighted to be the first official contributor to Alice Frances! I am 25, I live in London and have an extensive and niche knowledge of films you have never watched. I have recently taken up cycling and am seeking treatment for my creme egg addiction.’


Sarah Capes

‘Sarah Capes graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2011, where she completed her MA in the History of Art. She went on to The Courtauld to pursue a Masters in Curating that same year. Since then, she has worked in the London art world in various capacities, from museums and auction houses to conservation. For the last three years she has been working for a renowned Mayfair art dealer. Sarah was born in Vienna, grew up in New Zealand, the Caribbean, and the U.K. and now lives in Fulham.’

Peter Vaughan

‘Peter Vaughan was born and raised in South London and began writing as a teenager. He is the winner of several short-fiction competitions and has quickly earned a strong reputation for contemplative and original writing that deals with subjects from the extraordinary to the existential’ – Biot Books. You can read Peter’s short story Safia Sails here.

If you would like to be featured or to contribute, please get it touch, we love hearing other people’s stories!

💻 Email: alicefrancesb@gmail.com

🎥Instagram and 🐥Twitter: @alicefrancesb

Other projects: @thatcoat 👘 by @alicesfrancesb and Emily @emilsbee

Photos by Benoît Grogan-Avignon

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