I’m Alice 👧, a British 🇬🇧 blogger ✏️ living in London.

I focus on British design 🏰, style 👠 and the arts 🎨 , write reviews on places I visit 🍰☕️ and posts on my life living in London and the English countryside.

I also write about other peoples stories, particularly up-and-coming British based designers, artists and start-ups, you can read more here.

When I’m not blogging, I work in London for an online clothing company 👗💻.

If you would like to ask me anything please do!

And if you would like to collaborate or contribute, definitely get in touch:

💻 Email: alicefrancesb@gmail.com

🎥Instagram and 🐥Twitter: @alicefrancesb

Other projects: @thatcoat 👘 by me and Emily @emilsbee


Blog Contributors



‘Hello, I’m Emily and I am delighted to be the first official contributor to Alice Frances! I am 25, I live in London and have an extensive and niche knowledge of films you have never watched. I have recently taken up cycling and am seeking treatment for my creme egg addiction.’ You can read Emily’s post here.


‘The third member of the #thatcoat dynasty. Haven’t you heard?
I am ready to take the reins of life, as suzeyindyref commences on the 20th June. Perhaps there will be a round two in 2019 who knows eh? I currently spend most of my time indoors creating a conspiracy theory that makes less sense when I write it down, a new level of insanity discovered. To follow my slightly illogical thought stream please continue.’


‘Peter Vaughan was born and raised in South London and began writing as a teenager. He is the winner of several short-fiction competitions and has quickly earned a strong reputation for contemplative and original writing that deals with subjects from the extraordinary to the existential’ – Biot Books. You can read Peter’s short story Safia Sails here.

Photos by Benoît Grogan-Avignon

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