Wien, Grinzing & Worseg

A long summer weekend in Vienna.

This past weekend I ventured to Vienna with some friends, and it was super, I hugely recommend taking a trip. The sun was shining and we ate lots of good food, and ambled about the city, visited the museums to see Kilmt and Schiele, with lunch at Gasthaus Poschl being particularly good, chanterelle mushrooms and a sparkling Riesling, and after an iced coffee at Aggy’s.ย  In the evening we felt quite trendy visiting Motto am Fluss, a bar overlooking the river.

But maybe my favourite part was an unexpected visit up into the hills to the vineyards, and a wonderful evening spent at Buschenschank Andreas Worseg,ย ย very close to the town of Grinzing. We had such a wonderful time, basking in the evening sunlight, greatly enjoying the local Gruner Veltliner wine, and the view overlooking the city. If you go to Vienna, you really must visit.

This was such an easy trip to do from London, the flight isn’t long, and the train from the airport to city centre very speedy.ย  And we walked almost everywhere, apart from a little ‘train ride‘ up to the Vineyard.

Alice xxx

Viennese Vines
Enjoying the Gruner at Buschenschank Andreas Worseg
And the food was amazing too
Sunshine and vines
Vienna in the distance

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