The Other Art Fair, London 2018

Alice spent a jolly evening at The Other Art Fair

I had a lovely time at The Other Art Fair yesterday eve. It’s quite a trendy affair, presented by Saatchi Art and located in Victoria House near Holborn. On display are 130 of ‘the best emerging artists handpicked by a committee of art industry experts’.

With an edgey London pop-up vibe, there was a huge queue to get in, loud music and a trendy bar. The only difference is that the lights are VERY bright (all the better to see the art), so I recommending donning a fun outfit (colour block jumpsuits seem to be in vogue) and applying your make-up carefully, you will probably bump into all your ‘arty’ friends, and girls you went to school with a long time ago.

It’s a manageable size and everyone is super friendly, and there is an exciting collection of artworks on display most importantly. It is a VERY colourful year, which I was quite surprised by, lots of neon and bright pinks.  I loved chatting to Ruth Mulvie whose oil paintings in radiant colours of LA-esque scenes are dreamy, and I really liked Adam Robinson‘s cut-out vintage postcard works displayed in satisfyingly symmetrical arrangements.  I was particularly taken with Oilver Marc Thomas Leger’s detailed ink on paper drawings, they are really quite special.

I was pleased to see Tim Fowler‘s amazing psychedelic portraits again and Nadia Attura‘s stunning perfectly composed photographs.  I sometimes get an inkling that some artists are all too aware of ‘instagrammable’ images, one lady even told me her art looks great on instagram – I won’t name names, but really I like your art because I want to put it on my wall, not because it makes a great instgram pic…. And I just can’t decide about D1£EGO Art’s pop art inspired commentaries on every day life (I am secretly delighted by them, so blatant and so fun), but do I need one for my wall…

The great thing about the fair is that it is a chance to buy original artworks from emerging artists at affordable prices.

I definitely recommend popping in this weekend if you have a chance, and I reckon go in the morning to beat the queue!! Below are some of my favourite pieces, have a look at the medium of each, you might be surprised.

Alice xxx

Gitte Valentiner-Branth

Me Too, Acrylic on Canvas

Caroline Banks

12 Gestures, Ink, Gesso, Paper and Colour on Paper and Other

Tim Fowler

Loretta Young, Enamel, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Ink and Marker on Canvas.

Nadia Attura

Composition green, Colour, Digital, Photogram and Manipulated on Paper.

Kristjana S Williams

London Hjartur Tree, Digital, Colour, Manipulated, New Media and Paper on Paper.

Adam Robinson

To The Little Red School House, Paper on Canvas.

Ruth Mulvie

Midnight at Lazy River, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.

Merab Surviladze

Shadows, Oil on Canvas.

Diego Art

OMG, Spray Paint on Canvas.

Oliver Marc Thomas Leger

Seahorse MK2, Ink and Pen on Paper.

Nigel Sharman

Harbour Light, Oil on Canvas.

Jane Wachman

Road to Jaipur I, Acrylic on Canvas.

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