A Christmas Card Menagerie

Christmas card time is almost upon us!

I began this post with the idea that I would display my favourite Christmas cards below, a couple of snowy landscapes perhaps, a reindeer or two, maybe even a tasteful Father Christmas. However it turns out that I only have eyes for animal themed Christmas cards, with dogs definitely top of the list. So below is my Christmas card menagerie, hounds in silly poses mainly, a couple of rudolfs for good measure and of course a Christmas unicorn…

Happy Christmas card sending!

Alice xxx

V & A

Animal Menagerie, pack of 10 cards £5

Kitty Wallace

Reindeer, pack of 10 cards £13.50

Ros Shiers

‘Celebration Dogs’, set of 4 cards £12

V & A

‘Any Offers’, pack of 10 cards £5


Short Days, Long Shadows, pack of 10 cards £3.99

Ruth Jackson

‘dachshund through the snow’, single card £2.95

John Lewis

Archie, pack of 6 cards £4.50

National Trust

Winter Forest, pack of 10 cards £4

British Library

Black Cats, pack of 8 cards £6

Cards for Good Causes

Santa Eggspress, pack of 10 cards £3.50

Royal Academy

‘Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten’, pack of 10 cards £7.95


Winter Walkies, set of 8 cards £6.50


Unicorn pop-up card, single card £5.50

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