A Day In the Life of…

…Β  Jo Malone’s Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne

Goodness, what a beautiful morning. Ah! There’s nothing like the sun streaming through a large Chelsea window on a sunny morning.

Gosh, the light really bounces off the marble in the most gorgeous way. Although I’m not sure this bathroom is big enough, the one in St Tropez is much roomier.

Ah, she does look lovely today. Looks like she’s off to yoga. Yes, as I thought, a spritz of me is the perfect addition to her Luluemon ensemble. Although I do wish she wouldn’t wear those garish trainers. Monochrome is much more chic…

Oh no, she’s forgotten her Chanel hand cream! Someone’s going to regret that later…

La la la, what a divine day. Although I do wish she would store me further along the shelf from those hideous Nivea products – so tacky.URGH

The wonderful Maria is here to clean – at last! Hmm not very thorough. Spent more time checking her phone than cleaning. I can feel the dust building up on my side – how unsightly.

Yay, she’s back from yoga, glowing as usual. How does she do it? Yes a nice bath with some of my bath oil variant is exactly what she needs. I really do smell splendid.

Go on, light the candle…LIGHT THE CANDLE.

She lit the candle!

Oofttt – bathroom got a big fogged up with all the overpowering fragrance. Just heavenly.

Off she goes to her book club. Pearls on. Latest Jilly Cooper in hand.

What a wonderful life…

Words Emily Bray

Illustration Olivia Dueser

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