Frock me in Vintage Darling

Olivia 💁🏼

It is a truth universally acknowledged that women love to shop. Having packed my summer clothes away and preparing my wardrobe for Winter, I realised NOW is the perfect time to ‘detox’ and replenish it with new findings. Enlisting the help of my sister whose mantra is “honesty is the best policy”, though I found her methods more akin to the likes of a Dictatorship, my wardrobe was fully ‘cleansed’ and my fancy dress cupboard now at full capacity…At first I was sad that my sister pretty much only liked 33.3% of my fashion but a few minutes later I had a flashbulb moment – I now had an excuse to re-invent my style and go on multiple shopping trips…after all it is muy importante that one looks good all the time, especially if you are single, like me, who needs to impress the male species at all times #husbandhunting…sad I know, but TRUE. Wallet in hand, gym clothes on (for ease of undressing) – I was ready to hit the vintage shops and style the new me..

Vintage shopping can be daunting at the best of times, let alone when you are actually on the hunt for something specific…my advice, just go in with an open-mind and do not get overwhelmed by the multitudes of clothes…patience is key. I often find that you really need to hunt through the masses to find the golden item! After spending a solid half day perusing the vintage shops of Portobello, my credit card was maxxed out, calories were burned and I felt like I had not one one but many new styles and looks for the new and improved fashion-forward moi #winning #stylista

With my newly gained self-confidence and feeling like I can rule the world like Beyoncé, I thought I would share some images of my new styles/finds with you:

Channeling my inner Clueless Babe Look


Rihanna circa 2010 Look


90’s Cameron Diaz Babe Look


Poppin the Booty J-Lo Style Look

We all have it in ourselves, to truly express ourselves. The above images are proof that vintage shopping can work, so long as you know exactly how and what to look for. To help you out with this and to make the most of your vintage excursion, I have devised the following tips for all you London gals out there:

  1. Do not dress to impress – wear shoes you can take off easily and gym clothes – changing rooms can often be scant and you do not want to waste ample time with changing.
  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – ask yourself, when I look at myself in the mirror, do I think ‘Hot damn?!” If it looks like something you would wear on Halloween, then NO. But if you feel like a sexy chick, then YES.
  3. Ask yourself, “Is this modern?” – this may seem ironic, but the idea is to choose something that pushes fashion boundaries. After all, vintage dictates fashion trends.
  4.  It’s ok to have a tailor – If something doesn’t fit you perfectly, do not have a breakdown. Obviously, if you are going to have to bastardize the item or it is simply too small, NO – sorry to say it sweetheart, but you are not likely to loose the weight! But giving an item a renewed life through tailoring is A-OK!
  5. Do not be seduced by the label – Darling it may say ‘Lacroix’, however remember that, although we all love Eddie, you do not want to end up looking like her…Condition is key. Just because it’s a fabulous designer does not mean you should buy it.
  6. Quality, not Quantity – Remember you have just cleansed your wardrobe, so having 10 new items is about as handy as Donald Trump…
  7. Have a Focus – Before you run out and start stocking up on everything from ’70s flares to fit and flare dresses from the ’40s, take a step back and really reflect. Think about what you’re most interested in and what era suits your style and body the most.
  8. Complement Your Style – If you style is mainly all black minimalism, then opt for a brightly coloured faux fur jacket or jumper. Opt for pieces that will complement your wardrobe and that can be integrated easily.

And just remember this:

Eddie: What do you see when you look in the mirror, darling?
Patsy: Me looking fabulous.

(Patsy to Eddie in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’).

Ciao for now darlings,

Olivia xxx


P.S. my top place to shop vintage in Notting Hill is Lime Green Bow – Clemmie Myers, the owner has a fabulous collection of one-of-a-kind pieces with something for everyone and is super helpful with advice. My firm favourite!




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