Searching for the Perfect #INSTA

Olivia 🙋 & Emily 🙋🏽

left to right Olivia & Emily

There is something weirdly competitive about Instagram. Who’s on the best holiday, whose Airbnb is the most ‘grammable’ and whose ‘squad’ is the hottest?! It’s quite dark if you step back and actually think about it…it’s basically just an app to give you FOMO and heighten your insecurities…

Dark existential thoughts aside this week, we decided to go in search of London’s latest #Instaporn. Putting on our most vapid, basic hats, we went to sniff out the Insta-crowd and examine what was hot to snap.

Both having a sweet tooth (putting it mildly) and bombarded by the no easy eye and totally delectable creations of ‘Milktrain’ – we decided to give it a whirl. With it only opening at 1pm and being a hotspot, it is advisable you get there about 20 minutes before to avoid queuing for an hour – the ratio of staff to customer is largely disproportionate! The queueing gave us ample time to decide on whether to go for a cotton candy wrapped cone or keep it plain and simple..pah! Of course we chose looks over flavour…after all it is v important to keep up appearances for the sake of our Insta-cred…

The thought running through our minds were, ‘would it taste as good as it looked?’. Emily with her Vanilla Unicorn Combo and I with my Matcha Unicorn Combo in hand, we decided to take our cones for a walk and a show-off….WARNING – do not take a date here…whilst it may look like a unicorn threw up, eating it is a whole different kettle of fish…we may or may not have ended up eating the ice-cream in a back alley of Covent Garden to avoid public sneers…

Verdict: Certainly not for the faint-hearted nor the calorie conscious…the soft-serve ice cream flavours were perfect – not too sweet and the combination of rainbow puffs with the vanilla and oreo toppings with the matcha, were well suited. 10/10 for ‘Insta-worthiness’ and 9/10 for taste (-1 point for it being v messy to eat). Calling all Instagram-conscious babes, this is a must for your page…

Morale was on a definite high after tasting the delectable soft-serve…little did we know our day would get EVEN better…Casually strutting our stuff through Covent Garden, we spied a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Van from afar…naturally we just had to stop by…to our delight, there were giveaways with only one condition…take a snap of the van and post it on your social media platforms…SOLD…5 minutes later we each walked away with a friendship bracelet, a bag of Joe & Seph’s Salted Caramel Porpcorn, a free pair of paints & a £10 voucher off a bra…#Winning #Insta-worthy

#Peace-out, Emily & Olivia xxx

You can read all about Emily and Olivia’s blog take over here.

On the Milk Train
Victoria’s Secret bus
Milk Train List
Vanilla Unicorn Combo
Matcha Unicorn Combo

Milk Train Cafe at 44 Bedford Street WC2E 9HA

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