Ladies who lunch

Olivia 🙋

It’s a rainy afternoon in London. What are two vibrant, intellectual, female, fun-employed 26-year-olds living in London going to do? Well the answer is of course EAT…

Being a born and bred West Londoner, I have been spoilt for choice for great luncheon spots. But this Portobello hangout comes out on top. Why? With a holistic and healthy approach to Australian cafe culture, Farm girl offers fresh, nutritionally nurturing food in a warm and Instgrammable environment (bonus points). But most importantly, the food is ACTUALLY tasty. Whilst most health-based cafes offer beetroot-sprouting, matcha-infused, tumeric ceviche, Farm girl promises clean eating and satisfying food.

Drinks ranging from nutritional packed smoothies to bubbly fermented juices. Food ranging from vitamin packed omelettes to maple syrup-drenched buckwheat pancakes and cakes freshly made everyday, the choice is very difficult (the struggle is real). I suggest you either order it all or book yourself a couple of lunches in the weeks ahead! In the end I chose the farm omelette with a side of coconut bacon chips and a ginger Kombucha. The omelette was cooked to perfection and the salty chips were the perfect accompaniment to the dish. Emily ordered the oven-baked eggs which arrived steaming hot and washed it down with a glass of fresh OJ. The portions were a decent size and I would give top marks for presentation.

With the food being top notch and the relaxing ambience, the only slight disappointment to the day was the slow service. Unfortunately we had to keep reminding the crew for our food and bill, but they were at least friendly.

If it isn’t already, this will become a necessity. This is a must for ladies who lunch 🍳🍵

Olivia xxx

You can read all about Emily and Olivia’s blog take over here.

Farm Omelette
Oven Baked Eggs


Farm Girl Cafe at 59a Portobello Road, W11 3DB

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