Happy Friday!


Sorry I have been a little out of touch for the last couple of weeks, do not fear there are many more post to come 😃.  I have just escaped work for a week, so regular posting will commence in a weeks time, but do keep an eye on instagram, as I suspect some photos may appear there ✌️.

I just wanted to do a quick share, as my friend Emma has started her own blog, and it’s all about everything she likes – particularly great vegan tips, fun fashion and general other nice things, so you must take a look 😍 The Natural Swede

Emma and I have also been taking a photo once a week of a chosen outfit, which has been lots of fun.  We can be quite relaxed in what we wear to work, so once a week we have been putting together a favourite outfit and taking a few snaps 📷💕.

Below are the photos of our endeavours 🎀👠👗📷.

I’ll be back with you very soon 💕.

Alice xxx

Florals for Swedish Midsummer
Fun summer dresses
Cute corals 😍
And super playsuits


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