Brayce Yourself


At the awkward late 20s stage, only minorly disillusioned by living and working in London.

On Sunday it’s happening again.  The third season of Twin Peaks is being released.  If you are one of my housemates and are reading this, you are probably bored rigid of hearing the words Twin Peaks, but really I am very very excited.  I rarely get addicted to TV series, my main culprits have been The O.C. – at school we would wait in excited anticipation for someone’s brother to send us the next episode on DVD.  Then 24 whilst at university, which we rented from the video shop – oh Jack Bauer always saving the day (also Ed, great watching), and currently Fargo on Netflix – it is excellent, I highly recommend.

Twin Peaks is a David Lynch masterpiece – the TV show was aired for the first time in the 90s, it is a weird mix of small town American drama, thriller, sci-fi and of course murder mystery – who did kill Laura Palmer? – set in the 80s.  It is certainly not for everyone, it gets very dark and very weird at points, but if you liked Stranger Things, you may well enjoy the wonderfulness of Twin Peaks. It has THE best characters, and it is quite impossible to tell what is going to happen next. Ok, they did go a little overboard in the second series (too arty, too drawn out), and the sequel film Fire Walk With Me was a complete waste of time.  But really, there is nothing else quite like it, and I am so excited to join Cooper and the cast Twin Peaks once again.

In the last episode Laura Palmer says to the main character Special Agent Dale Cooper ‘I’ll see you again in 25 years’, and bang on time, 25 years later the next season is about to begin with almost all the previous actors, and a host of new ones too.

Of course I’ve read all the trivia – someone even offered me their copy of Laura Palmer’s Diary written by David Lynch’s daughter…..

So certain characters will not be returning – Annie (Heather Graham – got too famous), Catherine (Piper Laurie – very very old now), Josie (Joan Chen), Sheriff Truman (Harry Ontkean – retired from acting) , The Man from Another Place (Michael J. Anderson, appears to have had a falling out with David Lynch over Twitter), Leo (Eric DaRe – hasn’t really acted since, he was the casting directors son) and Donna (Lara Flynn Boyle – dated Kyle MacLachlan in real life / has had some truly awful plastic surgery) will not be making an appearance.  Some people have sadly died including the actors who played Albert (Miguel Rosenfeld), Dr Hayward (Warren Frost), The Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson), Bob (Frank Silva), Major Briggs (Don S. Davis) and Pete (Jack Nance). And Jim Belushi and Amanda Seyfried have joined cast with lots of others 👌🏻.

It is going to be a real treat – it airs at 2am on Monday 22nd on Sky in the UK – apparently Now TV is a good place to watch it. I CAN’T WAIT.  I have been tempted to organise a Twin Peaks party for Sunday eve, but so far haven’t had many enthusiastic participants…

Alice xxx


2 and a half years out of University, and the glamour of London working life is fading rapidly.

Social Medi-na 

With 1984, Orwell predicted that there would be cameras everywhere, but what he didn’t see – was that we would be holding them ourselves…

Social media is the beast that we all love to hate. Perhaps this is why everyone claims not to use it anymore. Facebook is definitely not cool, Twitter is for dinosaurs and Instagram for attention whores. Then WHY does everyone still have it? Because quite simply society, or more accurately Gen Z & the Millennials (that’s probably you) can’t function without it. And I don’t mean that in the basic bitch “I can’t live without it” sense – but it is  actually harder to live without it. I’ve seen first hand people who have deleted Facebook be missed out on event invitations, important announcements and general hot gossip.

I’m not condoning social media. But I will happily admit that I use it. I like Instagram and it’s ability to capture moments, places and people. And Facebook has enabled me to keep up with friends who live on the other side of the world (shout out to you Dirty Di!) But a small part of me wishes it had never existed.

These social media platforms create unease, serious FOMO and a feeling of inadequacy that it is difficult to put your finger on.  In the ‘olden  days’ (pre-2006) you wouldn’t have cared that Pookie and Grumble went boozing in the park without you – because you wouldn’t have known about. Ignorance really is bliss. Equally people splashing their holiday pics while you are slaving away at your desk – is unbelievably depressing.

But why do people post so much? Is it to validate themselves, to show everyone what a fabulous time they are having – is it ultimately just showing off? Why do we feel like we have to document everything we do, is it because ‘if it wasn’t on social media, it never happened?’ This is where the darker side of social media really comes into its own – what we never consider is the motivation behind the incessant posting. It is a rose tinted, airbrushed and filtered version of life. It isn’t real. It is carefully chosen poses (no double chins), best sides, sunny moments with smiles all around. But what of the moments before and after these idyllic snapshots? These moments of perfection, suspended in amber and put out into the universe are an eternal moment of idyll. But nothing is ever as perfect as it seems, and I’m not trying to knock people having a good time, it’s more to remind the rest of us on the other end of the posting that we don’t have to, and shouldn’t compare ourselves to these precisely curated images of a utopia that just isn’t real.

Now you will almost certainly see me uploading mundane, but aesthetically pleasing pics onto Instagram, or tagging friends in memes on Facebook. But I think we should remind ourselves that it is the actual world that we live in, and it would do us all good to be present in it, rather than constantly online.

If you really want to freak yourself out about the power of social media and its destructive potential, I would highly recommend the Black Mirror Episode ‘Nosedive.’

I think the world would really be a happier (and less flakey) place if social media had never existed. Really – what’s wrong with a good letter?



About to graduate from University, excited for intrepid adventures into the real world.

Suze has now finished her exams and is enjoying freedom.  At St Andrews University, when you leave your last exam your friends come and ‘soak’ you.  If they are nice they throw cold water over you… if they are mean you might be on the receiving end of all sorts of nasty concoctions… 

Below are some pics caught on social media of our ‘soakings’…

Please let me know what you think 😀✏️

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