Crabtree & Evelyn

I have a small obsession with beautifully packaged bath and body products.

There is something incredibly pleasing about carefully unwrapping a beautifully packaged product (always reading everything on the box and the bottle first, of course), and experiencing it for the first time.  Running a bath with a new bath bubble, trying a moisturiser for the very first time, or dipping a new soap into the water.  It’s all very exciting, and I love to try different scents, sometimes I’m feeling floral, other times only a tangy citrus will do, and at others it has to be lavender, the best often smell good enough to eat (although this is never a good idea 😘).

Crabtree & Evelyn very kindly allowed me to try some of their bath & body products from their floral collections, and we got on splendidly well.

I was certain Crabtree & Evelyn were a British brand, but it turns out they started life in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Set up in 1972 by Cyrus Harvey, and originally named ‘The Soap Box’, they were one of the first brands to focus on using natural plants and botanicals in their products, which they sourced from all over the world.  The name of the brand ‘Crabtree & Evelyn’ has it’s roots in Britain and also reflects their use of natural ingredients.

The Crabtree or pyrus malus is native to Britain, and the ancestor of all our cultivated apple trees.

John Evelyn was an English naturalist and conservationist, who travelled round Europe in the 17th Century documenting everything he discovered.  At home, he created magnificent gardens on his estate Sayes Court including plants he had discovered on his travels. His personal motto ‘Explore everything, keep the best’ is an inspiration and at the very heart of the brand.

I was really interested in the products made using British florals, particularly rose.  Crabtree & Evelyn’s rose bath & body products are wonderfully fragrant in the right way – it can be very hard to get rose-scented things right (you don’t want to end up smelling too old lady-esque!).  They have two whole collections dedicated to the rose – the Evelyn Rose collection, David Austen (THE rose man) created the Evelyn Rose specifically for them. And the Rose Water collection, distilled from Rosa centifolia – I really love the idea of using rose water as a skin cleanser and moisturiser.  If you are after a rose scented product, this is the place – the Rose Water Over Night Hand Therapy smells amazing and is ultra moisturising, and I now have my eye on the Rose Water Hand Wash 🌹😘.

Below I have written a little more about each product, I hope you enjoy 😍.

Alice xxx

🌷Pink Pear and Magnolia Soap🌷

A pretty smelling soap, very light, more fruity than floral and it has a nice creamy texture, not too drying on the skin.  I like the pink wrapper lots too 😍

🌺Evelyn Rose Shower Gel🌺

On the packet it says this can be used as a shower gel or a bubble bath – and it went straight into the bath.  It bubbles beautifully and has a very light rose scent, not too overpowering or powdery.  I would never have considered rose bubble bath before, but am superbly happy with this.  It’s also a nice thick smooth shower gel.

🌸Petal Pink Nail Lacquer🌸

I love a good nail polish and am always intrigued by a pale pink.  This is really perfect for summer, it does need a number of layers, but the colour is  subtle and easy to wear every day.  Brides Magazine are keen on it – definitely an easy bridesmaid nail polish 😘.

🌹Rose Water Overnight Hand Therapy🌹

This was my favourite, it smells so good, a nice strong rose water scent.  It is really moisturising, and I have been using it as a day hand cream too, you just need a very tiny bit.  The tube is very beautiful too 💕💕.

Rose Water Overnight Hand Therapy with the Petal Pink Nail Lacquer 🌹💅💙

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