Young British Designers

This weekend we took some photos in the garden, and I wore a number of items all by British designers.  It was lots of fun, the bluebells are out, and all the clothes are quite wonderful.

I am now hankering after a Bruta embroidered shirt and a Baia handbag, and am completely obsessed with anything and everything by Rejina Pyo.  I wore the most beautiful printed silk dress by Klements, and also a very sweet little white dress by Kelly Love.  And Needle & Thread please may I have everything you make, I just love the pretty embroidered tulle top.  Also check out Rosita Bonita’s seahorse earrings which are made from leather so are super light and just so cool, and also a couple of excellent finds from the British high street.

Happy photo viewing!! Isn’t the garden looking super 😃, and next time I promise I shall smile more… 😘.

Alice xxx

Kelly Love dress and an azalea
Klements dress and a magnolia
Needle & Thread top, Miss Selfridge skirt and shoes and a rhododendron
Bruta embroidered shirt, Wythe Bea skirt, Baia bag and an azalea
Rejina Pyo jacket, Rosita Bonita earrings and prunus shirofugen

Rejino Pyo jacket, Kelly Love dress, Klements dress, Bruta shirt, Whythe Bea skirt, Baia bag are all available from:

Young British Designers.

Blue nail polish by Barry M.

Photography Sarah Bray & Emily Bray.

Photographed at High Beeches Garden.

And a nice outtake – Pip came to join in the fun
Klements dress reflected in the pond

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