RHS Early Rhododendron & Camellia Flower Show

This year I went along to help with the set up of the RHS Early Rhododendron and Camellia show at Savill Garden.  Anyone can enter, the big gardens will have their many varieties on show, but if you have a camellia you are particularly pleased with, you can come along and display it too.

High Beeches entered rhododendrons, having carefully transported them to Savill Garden, and came away with ‘Best in Show’ for Rhododendron Kesangiae, and a number of other prizes too 😊.  Although we didn’t enter camellias, I always love looking at the beautiful arrangements of perfectly formed camellia flowers.  I hope you enjoy the photos below 😍.

I am also particularly enjoying the cherry blossom at the moment, so ‘Brayce Yourself’ on Friday will be full on blossom 😘.

Alice xxx


Getting ready to go Rhododendron primliflorum
Delicate work
Camellia keeping cool in the potting shed
Lots of pinks
Pink rhododendrons
Superior transport
My cargo
Off we go
Not so happy after 2 hours on the M25
Arrived! Yellow campylocarpum looking 👌
Preparation underway – beautiful orange Berberis
Rhododendrons from other places
Rhododendrons macabeanum & kesangiae
Rhododendron neriflorum
Rhododendron xanthocodon
Rhododendron cinnabarinum ‘Mount Everest’
Rhododendron campylogynum
Rhododendron primuliflorum
Rhododendron ‘White Glory’
Rhododendron ‘Yellow Hammer’
Rhododendron ‘Cornish Cross’
The big class, 2 rhododendron entries the yellow campylocarpum and tiny pink primuliflorum which took second prize
And lots of Camellia fun
peony formed
tiny camellia
a perfect 4
The tent full of flowers ready to be judged
A great prize – Best in Show for the Kesangiae!