The Notecard

I have a small obsession with notecards.

I firmly believe that if you see a notecard you like, you must buy it there and then, as you won’t find it again.  Favourite haunts are Oliver Bonas, the V & A shop, British Library Shop, Peter Jones, the Saatchi Gallery ShopPotterton BooksPentreath and HallMaison Curate and most recently some excellent cards for animal lovers by Ros Shiers.  I may have amassed a small stash of all sorts of weird and wonderful note cards and postcards, and I do quite often often send them to people 💌.

Arriving home 🏡 and opening the door to find a handwritten letter ✉️ at my feet is something I still find very exciting.  Perhaps, because it is so rare now, I love the anticipation of opening the letter and finding out who sent it, or the familiarity of recognising a well-known and much-read scrawl 💌 ✏️.

I like the slow pace of letter writing 💌🐢.  The way in which a letter tends to be thought through, a card or paper chosen specifically, and way the writer has taken care in carefully choosing their words before putting pen to paper ✒️📜.  A persons handwriting is very much part of them, and to read a letter, written by them in their own hand means so much more than a email or a text sent at the click of button.  AND you get to keep the letters, I am greatly guilty of stashing old birthday cards and letters from a long time ago, but I love occasionally going back to them and being reminded of many things long forgotten 📜.

After Christmas is an excellent letter writing occasion, as presents have been received 🎁 and thanks should be given ☺️.  So I sat myself down this evening, got stuck it, and used up some of those notecards.

I also received my 365 Journal 📘 from Kikki K today which I am so excited for!  I tend to write a lot of things down in notebooks 📕✏️, and this journal has a nice clean white page for every day of this year and I can’t wait to get started.

Alice xxx

Ruth Jackson - Pencil Shavings Card - £2.95
Ruth Jackson ‘new home’ card, £2.95
Ros Shiers - Albert the Pug - £3.50
Ros Shiers, Albert the Pug Card, £3.50
Kiss Me Kwik - I hope it's a pony - £2.25
Kiss Me Kwik, I hope it’s a pony card, £2.25
Rebecca Campbell - A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush - £2.25
Rebecca Campbell, A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush card, £2.25
Alice Frances Letter Writing
Writing, Flamingo cards by teNeues and ‘thank you’ card Ruth Jackson
KikkiK 365 Journal
AND my Kikki K 365 Journal

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