Hong Kong

We have arrived back in London (the first flight into Heathrow ✈️ on Sunday morning, VERY early), and my new flying coping strategy is audio books – far more effective than films – I got through some Kipling, Graham Greene and Chekov 📚 (ok I did doze off a number of times) it’s so much easier to forget you are very high up in the air when someone is reading you a story.  And we flew out on a Dreamliner ✈️ and back on an Airbus A380 ✈️(the double decker one) so Max was very happy 😉.

The trip was super exciting 😃, I loved seeing both cities – they were just so different, calm and collected Seoul 🏯 versus bustling, hectic and high rise Hong Kong 🌆, and of course the temperature change was so bizarre, -2 degrees in Seoul ⛄️❄️, to 23 degrees in Hong Kong ☀️!  I am missing the warm weather just a tiny bit, but it is very nice to be home.  And I am appreciating London all the more – apartments in Hong Kong are super tiny and the buildings are tightly packed in 🏢 making it all rather claustrophobic, it feels quite strange to be back in Wandsworth with the common 🌳 just round the corner and not a skyscraper in sight.

Hong Kong 🌆 grew on me whilst I was there, it is a fairly overwhelming place to start with 🙉, but once you get into the swing of it, it really is very exciting, there is so much going on, and such a buzz.  The city is a mass of skyscrapers built almost on top of each other, stretching as far as the eye can see, and many of them are a tad shabby.  I did love the way the roads are built inbetween the skyscrapers, they weave in and around, up and down, almost like roller coasters 🎢criss-crossing each other constantly.  I had also not expected it to be so tropical and really enjoyed the many palms trees 🌴 and other foliage everywhere.  We took a fun hike up to the peak 🗻, a hike in the New Territories which I loved 🌺 and a quick swim in the South China Sea 🌊.  We ate very very well 😃🍴, thanks to a list of places to eat from a friend – lots and lots of fish, including some amazing sushi 🐟.

And of course I took a few photos too. 😊

Alice xxx

Hey Hong Kong ✌️
Buildings everywhere
Night view
They even build sky scrapers on the beach – Repulse Bay
Very good food 😃🐟 at Limewood
And we took a little trip to a reservoir in the New Territories
Sunshine and pines
Quick stop for a snack
And a swim in the sea
And then we climbed
Fun view from the top
And there were wild camellias growing everywhere by the side of the path
Back to the jungle
Sky scrapers and Bamboo in the Botanical Garden
High road and foliage
Concrete, roads and walkways
Pastels in Kowloon
And a lovely view from the Peak
A skyscraper and palm tree shot – some of them are actually glass
Night time view from the Star Ferry
And we went to a roof top party – nice bamboo scaffolding on the right
Pineapple and skyscapers
And it got dark, fun lights

One thought on “Hong Kong

  1. Tremendous images of HK dear Alice, it has changed a bit in the 20 odd years since I visited!!
    W xxx


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