A Little More Autumn

I really do like Autumn 🍂🍁.  There are just so many amazing colours 💚💛❤️ in the garden at this time of year and I really couldn’t resist taking many many photos this weekend 📷.

We went for a walk 👧, Pip 🐶 came too of course, and we found all sorts of shades – browns, reds, yellows, oranges, magenta, burgundy, purple – I love the cascade of leaves at the foot of trees, and the incredible variation in colour on just one tree.  The garden is looking really very beautiful right now, Autumn always reminds me how special a place it is.  All those trees carefully chosen and planted to create different vistas at different times of the year.  Almost like an ever changing work of art, each variety of tree takes it’s turn to be the focal point of the painting throughout the year.  And Autumn always surprises me, just when you think winter is setting in, suddenly the garden has a last hurrah and is ablaze with all sorts of amazing colour. 💖🌳.

Sunday was very exciting, not only was the sun out so the Acer Palmatum was looking quite wonderful 🌴❤️- a bright bright red – the garden was also photographed with a drone 🎥- the large spindly bug like creature took off and photographed the garden from above ⛲️, and also caught us on camera too 👧👦👧!

I hope the wonderful colours, brighten up a rather chilly week 💕.

Alice xxx

Photos taken at High Beeches Garden

img_2238 img_2237


img_2286 img_2342

img_2292 img_2293


img_2302 img_2297

img_2305 img_2307


img_2328 img_2370

img_2445 img_2339

img_2340    img_2341

img_2358 img_2353


img_2416 img_2417

img_2422 img_2424

img_2415 img_2425


img_2567 img_2249

img_2365 img_2373

img_2394 img_2397


img_2411 img_2412

img_2386 img_2385

Off to see the Acer
Important to get a quick photograph along the way
We found it!
Up close!
Very professional photography taking place
Lovely shot, Acer, Emily and Pip
But what’s going on over there
Le Drone
Photographing the garden and us!



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