A Katherine Hooker Coat, Please

Today I wanted to talk about coats, not #ThatCoat you will be relieved to hear, but as winter really is coming, it seemed a good time to share my general coat musings.

(The thing is Zara, you are always very reliable, but sometimes a knock-off Chanel coat is just not enough, and your sizings can be a little dodgy.)

What I have been yearning for is a well-made, properly fitting coat – the type that instantly adds elegance to an outfit.  To be honest I’m not sure anything beats a really good coat.  It is the item of clothing you wear the most in the winter, and more importantly the one people see you wearing the most.  I find putting on the right coat in the morning helps me to start the day in the right frame of mind.  And when leaving the office after a long day of work, a good coat is always reassuring – even if you don’t feel so sparky, you know you look respectable.  I always think, if you can go to a winter drinks party and leave your coat on (not because what you have underneath is disastrous) but because the coat is exactly the right fit and weight, then you have found THE coat.

The place to go for a good coat is Katherine Hooker, discovering her website really was love at first sight, her coats are the very best.  If you are able to look at her website and not fall in love with at least one of her creations I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

They really are the most beautiful, graceful and elegant designs – a coat that will make you happy every morning.  You will, I’m afraid, need to move the decimal point on a Zara price tag at least one place to the right.  But it will be well worth it, these really are coats you can wear anywhere, The Duchess of Cambridge is a big fan and Taylor Swift has been spotted in one.

I couldn’t pick just one (although the Contrast Coat in pink is currently winning – just look at that taupe collar, and I have always wanted a pale pink coat) – so I have chosen a few below – the Buxton Coat is the epitome of elegance, and the Jackson Coat in cream is so Audrey Hepburn – I love the way the buttons are to one side, and check out the colour contrast Jackson Coat, in comes in charcoal and red too.

I have also included some frivolous coats below, some fun for whilst you are are saving up for your Katherine Hooker coat.. 😍😉

Alice xxx

Katherine Hooker Coats:

Contrast Coat in Pink
Jackson Jacket in Cream and Taupe
Buxton Coat in Black
Kambi Coat in Red
Jackson Coat in Cream

And in the meantime:

Whistles – Helvin Cow Shearling Jacket – £995

Of course you need an oversized faux fur jacket in cow print – I am really enjoying this

Petit Bateau – Raincoat – £132

I want it. They do a men’s version too, so you can be matchy matchy

Paper London – Serena Coat – £300

Is it a coat or is it a top – I’m uncertain and it’s completely unpractical in every way – but I like it

Rejina Pyo – Kate Oversized Belted Coat – £699

THIS coat – the front is just as good ❤️❤️ it comes in a blue version too 💙💙 – Rejina Pyo is up to some very cool things with her designs indeed, I may have a small crush

Rejina Pyo – Imogen Coat – £589

Ok I had to include another of Regina’s BLUE and SILVER

Zara – Metallic Quilted Jacket – £59.99

Go on, I dare you – I keep coming back to it again and again, and it would look GREAT on the ski slopes

Miss Selfridge – Leopard Faux Fur Coat – £62.30

I know you don’t need this coat – but if you are going to buy a faux fur leopard print coat this season, this is the ONE. I have a lot of love for this brand, so fun, they don’t take themselves too seriously

Claudie Pierlot – Gatino Coat – £600


YES YES YES a camel parka with a leopard lining

Reiss – Franklin Cloud Belted Coat – £265

I kind of just like the colour name of this coat – ‘cloud ☁️’… I would 100% spill something down it straight away, but it’s fun to admire from a distance – it does come in navy too

Monsoon – Nikita Jacquard Jacket – £69

A surprise from Monsoon – I suspect this jacket looks better than it does on their model (sorry Monsoon) – super pattern, it’s ikat – everyone loves ikat at the moment, and I really do like what they have done here

Uterque – Waistcoat Cape – £215

The classic ‘Waistcoat Cape’… yep there is a detachable skinny puffa waistcoat in there, and I’m just loving the cape, fur collar look

Matthew Williamson – Rainbow Black Fox Fur Jacket – £2,995

Matthew Williamson you are wonderful. It comes in a full length version too ❤️💙💜💖

And River Island currently have a range of leather jackets with fur trims which will make you look like the Rum Tum Tugger from Cats…. 😉


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