Autumn at High Beeches Garden

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year.  I love that the garden produces brightly coloured flowers through the year, and then, when it starts to get a little colder in October, and it feels like it is time to pack up for the winter, it suddenly become ablaze  with brilliant colour. It starts slowly, a little orange here, a little red there, and then suddenly colour starts to appear everywhere.  I like the way the trees produce a multi coloured effect – the Red Oak is currently a wonderful combination of green, yellow and orange.  I love it when a tree has turned completely one colour – a red Acer next to a yellow betula lenta.  And it is always amazing to watch the changing tone of colour in one tree – the Acer turning from a deep purpley red one day, to a bright brilliant red the next, and finally to an fiery orange.  It is so difficult to pick a favourite – the magenta heart shape leaves of the Disanthus cercidifolia are definitely one, and the curling Cornus leaves in their variegated shades another.  The trees in their Autumn colour contrast so beautifully against the greens of the garden.  You’ve got to be quick though, the colours change so fast, and are gone before you know it.  I love that they change at different times – the Acers are well on their way, the Nyssas not quite started.  This week and next is the time to go and see the colour at High Beeches Garden which is looking absolutely splendid.

So of course I put a dress on and we took some photos in the garden.  I appear to have not managed to smile at any point, but I really did enjoy the walk about the garden!

Country Life recently wrote a piece about Autumn Colour at High Beeches Garden, which you can read here –  Country Life Article: sept-28-high-beeches Cover – sept-28-cover

Alice xxx

Photos taken by Sarah Bray

I am wearing a Jaeger dress, Elia B shoes and Patrick Mavros earrings


Under the Betula lenta
Maybe my favourite – Disanthus cercidifolius
Propping up an Acer
More Acer, Betula lenta in the background (still looking a bit brooding)
Happier with another Acer – what colour
With the Red Oak – I love the variety of colours on this tree
Attempted to catch a leaf… another Acer – it really does look that luminous in the sun
With the Cornus
Strolling – Prunus on the left, Hydrangea behind and Nyssa on the left, not quite in full colour yet
With the Royal Ferns – Kalopanux pictus in flower, above
And this Acer – the leaves just starting to turn – the most beautiful colour


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