In Conversation with Emily Bray, Collaborator of #ThatCoat

It’s been a little mad since Monday.

@thatcoat had 200 followers on Monday morning and we were idly uploading photos for our own amusement.  5 days later we hit 5,000 followers and are still reeling from all the excitement of accidentally going viral.  Just have a quick google of ‘that coat zara news‘..

So to get things straight – we are Alice Bray and Emily Bray, we are sisters and we created the @thatcoat instagram account together.  The Sun thinks we are ‘Alice and Emily Francis’, Vogue Espana think ‘Alice and Emily Frances Bary’, but we forgive you and I’m rather enjoying the nom de plume.

Today I did some quick fire questions with Emily @emilsbee, my @thatcoat collaborator and the brains behind the #thatcoat captions.

Emily in her That Coat, still reeling from the shock of going viral

We started with That Coat, naturally…

Do you own That Coat? Of course

How long have you had it? Since May when I saw someone else wearing it so I copied – everything else I own is blue and white so it made sense

When do you wear your coat? Mainly to work, usually with Topshop jeans and a Cos t-shirt, it jazzes up a boring outfit

Why did you set up the instagram account?  I found it hilarious that everyone was wearing the coat, and decided to document it for my own personal amusement

What is your inspiration behind the captions? Often they are quotes relating to the location the coat is photographed in, often general fashion and style quotes. Or it might just be the personality of coat that day.

Fave instagram post so far?  Two people next to each other on the tube, both wearing the coat

What do you want to say to Zara (who haven’t contacted us yet)?  You’ve got a really nice pair of ankle boot I’d love for this season… a job in your marketing team as payment would be great.

What do your friends think about That Coat?  They love taking photos of strangers

What do your parents think about That Coat?  Very impressed by the fame

Which celebrity would you like to see in That Coat?  Caitlyn Jenner.  David Bowie would also have looked great in it.

Then it got more personal…

Where do you work? For an advertising agency in London

Where do you live? In Barons Court

What is your favourite colour? Blue with a bit of white

Favourite fashion brands? & Other Stories, Cos, Whistles and ZARA

Favourite brand? Macdonalds

Where do you eat brunch in London? No.11 Pimlico

Favourite drink?  An Aperol Spritz

Inspired by? Wes Anderson

Favourite painting?  Anything by Jackson Pollock

Fave celebs? Alicia Vilkander and Louis Theroux

Fave film? Back to the Future

Reading?  The Muse by Jessie Burton

Watching? The Book of Mormon

Listening to?  ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ & ‘No Such Thing as a Fish’ podcasts

Dancing to?  Years & Years

Happy Place? West Sands in St Andrews in the summer

Parallell universe career? The lead role in a West End musical

And finally…

If you and That Coat were invisible for a day, what would you get up to?  We would sneak into the Tower of London and try on the Crown Jewels

3 thoughts on “In Conversation with Emily Bray, Collaborator of #ThatCoat

  1. So thrilled – well done you and Emily – and it is quite a coat – a miniature one for HRH Princess Charlotte perhaps!? W xx

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