When Other People Take Photos of You in #ThatCoat

The words of the make-up lady at the Daily Mail were – ‘no one looks like themself when they are photographed for the Daily Mail’….

And today I am in the Daily Mail wearing @thatcoat 🙌.  I wouldn’t say it’s my best shot (slight double chin, the hair is D’artagnan like…. and I do sound slightly like a spinster – I am hoping it gives off an Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face vibe….) but it’s very exciting and thank  you to Charlotte and the team for having me along.   And I mustn’t be too critical, particularly as I am posting photos of unsuspecting people on instagram….

Today I will be doing an interview with Emily Bray my @thatcoat collaborator and the copywriter for the account, the person behind the photo choices and all the excellent captions 🙏.

Alice xxx 💕

You can read the Daily Mail article here


Make up done by the Daily Mail
Outfit chosen by the Daily Mail
And here I am looking so happy in my ThatCoat

2 thoughts on “When Other People Take Photos of You in #ThatCoat

  1. Hi! What are your thoughts on the sizing for ‘that coat’? Is it TTS or does it fit bigger/smaller than other Zara coats?


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