What To Wear With Your #ThatCoat

Yesterday I took a little trip to the Daily Mail offices as @ThatCoat is going to be featured tomorrow – all terribly exciting.  (El Mundo in Spain picked it yesterday and so did Vogue Espana – it’s getting very Spanish).

I arrived at the Daily Mail offices, everyone was very nice and I had my makeup done 👄(that was fun) and hair done 💇(I am seriously concerned I will look like D’Artagnan the musketeer in the photos – apparently the Daily Mail loves swishy hair and my hair is not doing swishy at the moment).  And then some snaps 📷 were then taken by Katie the photographer who was very patient ☺️.  So tomorrow it will get exciting😃  – and thank you to the Daily Mail team 🙏

Camilla the stylist at the Daily Mail chose my outfit for the article tomorrow, and I wanted to let you know my current favourite #thatcoat outfit 😍, so here it is below.

Alice xxx 💙💕

The most popular coat ever? It's sold out but you can now buy it on ebay apparently...
That coat – it’s an important starting point – it’s sold out in Zara, apparently you can  now buy it on eBay


Ted Baker Zaralie Jacquard Dress £149

This Ted Baker dress – bright is always good ❤️, I love the shape and the cut out pattern

Elia B High Track Loafers £160

Comfy and stylish I love these Elia B loafers – made in Italy and designed by an ex-Russell & Bromley designer, I want them in all 3 colours. Ideal with ThatCoat

Alex Monroe Toucan & Cockatoo Hoop Earrings £195

Just the very best earrings, perfect for dressing up ThatCoat (and any other outfit, maybe just never take them off 😍)
Arrived with the Daily Mail
Very professional
Selfie concentration face – make up and hair in process
Waiting to be photographed 😘 – in the Daily Mail tomorrow 🙈🙊🙉

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