#thatcoat Strikes Again


It’s been a little over exciting since yesterday morning when @thatcoat was featured on the Daily Mail online.

If you haven’t heard, there is a blue and white printed coat from Zara that the British population just can’t get enough of, it might just be the most famous coat in the world just now AND you can still buy it in Zara.

The Metro online decided to write about it, and then The Huffington PostTeen Vogue and Cosmopolitan.  The Sun picked it up yesterday evening, and it’s travelled –  Mexico City Sun, and it’s been spotted in Italy and Spain.

Have Zara really created the perfect coat, the coat that Londoners just can’t stop buying even thought they know their friends, frenemies, relations and colleagues already own it…

Since gaining fame, it has been recreated as a cake and had it’s portrait done.

Cake Coat
Portrait of the Coat

If you want to learn more please tune into the Lorraine show this morning, or pick up a copy of the Daily Mail, and don’t forget to follow @thatcoat

Below are some of our favourite moments so far.

Happy coat hunting!!

Alice and Emily xxx @thatcoat


img_0633 img_0634  img_0642 img_0641


img_0640  img_0637  img_0646 img_0647 img_0648 img_0658 img_0653 img_0652 img_0650





One thought on “#thatcoat Strikes Again

  1. It’s easy to predict that the coat will be considered as tacky and awkward next year as it is “loved” now, all the more so. And you will – all at the same time – donate it, or bury it or throw it. Honestly.


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