Nina Baxter Art at Peckham Festival Open Studios


This week I had a sneak preview of Nina Baxter‘s latest artworks, which she will be showing at Peckham Festival‘s Open Studios this weekend 9th – 11th Sept in the Bussey Buildng. 😍🎨.

Nina paints landscapes in vibrant colours and her latest pair of square paintings ‘You’re in Control’ are her most abstract landscapes to date.  Each square has been painted individually on a grid, painstakingly drawn out by Nina, and the effect is captivating.  The perfect symmetry of these two large scale works is incredibly pleasing with the colours on each canvas matching as opposites.  The precision, concentration needed and time taken, to create these incredibly detailed works makes them really quite extraordinary.

Nina also creates collages, a more recent venture, and one which I just love.  The use of collage gave Nina the chance to experiment with surreal ideas that she wanted to execute as an art form.  She started experimenting from a stack of magazines she had in her room, and has since created all sorts of fantastical images.  Many of her collages are about communication, and the lack thereof in her own generation, mixed signals and miscommunication often heightened by technology.  The collages all have curious names such as  ‘Honey we all know what happens when you assume…’ and ‘Make Your Move’ which adds to the intrigue.  She started to add images of friends to the collages, and was then approached by the band Flyte, and has since created collage artwork for two of their single covers, as well as art directing a music video Please Eloise.

The show is a really fun combination of her landscape paintings and collages, scattered with mood boards and inspiration.  Do definitely go have a look this weekend!! Studio A4 E & F on the 4th floor of the Bussey Building.

Alice xxx

Open Studios at Peckham Festival

Hey Nina
And hammering
Up we go
and these two wonders
Which next?
Looking good
Grace helped
And all complete in COLOUR 💚❤️💖💛💜💙





And a quick pose to finish

And some favourites of the moment from Nina:

Looking at:  Drop of Water on the Rose-Coloured Snow, Joan Miro, 1968

Listening to: Wide Open Spaces, Dixie Chicks

Reading: If the Impressionists had been Dentists, Woody Allen

Drinking: Beton Becherovka with tonic and lemon juice

Dancing to: The Nod, Fat Freddy’s Drop

Dancing where: In my kitchen and friends kitchens

Happy Place in London: The Hippodrome – because time doesn’t exist and you can be a tourist in your own city

Parallel universe career path: Currently on the Birds of a Feather (aka BOAF) intergalactic tour



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