Tresco Abbey Garden

So when we were in Tresco we also took a few photos in the Abbey Garden 🌳.  This garden is one of my favourite places, you can wander about and get completely lost, and you continuously come across more and more exciting flowers and trees🌺🌴.  Due to the climate (it doesn’t get too cold) they can grow all sorts of tropical plants, there are palm trees galore, and many bright flowers, and ferns.

We took some photos – and I have to admit, I think the yellow Zara dress 💛 is great, but the blue Toyshades sunglasses 💙 and topknot are a little harsh with the outfit.  The shoes are my Topshop pompoms shoes 🔵.  But it was fun, and the yellow dress worked wonderfully, and we got some lovely photos of the garden 🌳.

Alice xxx

Photos taken by Sarah Bray

IMG_9985 IMG_9994 IMG_0002IMG_0019IMG_9980 IMG_0033 IMG_0041

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