Wishing for on Wednesday

This Wednesday I wanted to do a little piece on my four favourite things from The New Craftsmen.  Now if you haven’t been yet, you must go and visit their beautiful showroom at 34 North Row.

It was incredibly hard to chose just four things, there are just so many wonderful pieces!  So I chose six, with a couple of different things by the same maker.  The New Craftsmen work with craft makers based in Britain, and they both sell the makers pieces, and you can commission things too.  So if you want a unique set of hand-blown glassware, or perhaps a bright silk-screen printed cushion, this is the place to come 😍.

Alice xxx

Michael Ruh Chelsea Jar
Iva Polachova bowls
Same bowls by Iva
Rose De Borman Magiflora Marshland fabric by the metre
Rose’s fabric made up as cushions
James and Tilla Waters ceramics 💙💙
Aude Van Ryn print and vases
Little bowls by Aude
And William Waterhouse‘s amazing spinner (I put a video on insta 😍)


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