Yayoi Kusama

We made a trip to the Victoria Miro gallery 🎨 to have a look at Yayoi Kusama‘s 🔴🔵 exhibition.  Her yellow pumpkins 🎃 seem to have been EVERYWHERE (they are highly instagrammable), and we went to see what all the fuss was about one Saturday afternoon.  Apparently most of the trendy youth of London 👧🎒 had the same idea and we queued outside for over an hour, first in the sunshine ☀️ and then the pouring rain ☔️.  Actually this exhibition really is just one long queue, you queue to get in, you queue in the gallery whilst looking at the works and waiting to see the three main works…

The first queue is for the Chandelier of Grief .  Each group is let in for 1 minute, the gallery staff member in charge has a trusty timer ⏰.  Once it is your turn, you enter the mirrored ‘room’, and are shut off from the rest of the queuers.  You then experience 60 seconds with the slowly revolving plastic chandelier 🎆 and the infinite reflections created in the surrounding mirrors.  It is quite fun, I do like the infinity concept and there are endless photo opportunities 📷…

Once your 1 minute is up, back into the queue, up the stairs (in the queue) and then you stand in line for the main artwork All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins 🎃.  There are some fun bronze pumpkins 🎃 to look at whilst you wait.  And once  it is your turn to enter this second room (only 2 people at a time) you have just 20 seconds to get your perfect instagram snap 📷😉.  It really was enjoyable, but I do wish you were allowed longer – it’s just you, and the pumpkins infinitely reflected in the mirrors.  The space itself is actually very small, and the pumpkins are lit up from the inside creating a very satisfying glow🏮.  But you are turfed out all too soon.

Sadly the third mirrored room Where the Lights in my Heart Go 💖was closed due to the rain 🚣.  But we enjoyed the Narcissus Garden 🌳, large silver balls placed in the pond, and also Gallery II filled with the Infinity Net paintings 🎨 was rather nice – no queuing 😃.

I am very pleased we went, even with all the queuing it was fun to see – particularly All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins 🎃.  We also dropped into the Victoria Miro Mayfair gallery to see the second part of the exhibition – more paintings this time from the My Eternal Soul 💔 series.

Alice xxx

Victoria Miro Gallery
Chandelier of Grief
Ghostly reflections in Chandelier of Grief
Pumpkin with small child…
All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins
In Black and White
Narcissus Garden
Up to gallery II
Infinity Net Detail
More Infinity Nets
Guest book
Pumpkin Painting
Home time
Victoria Miro Mayfair
Light of the Heart

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