Summer Exhibition – The Royal Academy

Last week I went to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy 🎨 which was thorough enjoyable.  I really like the Summer Exhibition , and only properly discovered it a couple of  years ago.  I like the anonymity of it all – the way the title gives so little away, really they could be exhibiting anything (although the Royal part makes you think it is probably something half way respectable), and the fact that it has been run in pretty much the same way since the first exhibition in 1789.  I like the ‘x factor’ element to it – the idea that the organisers choose the works of art without knowing who created each one. And I love the ‘heavy hang’ – works of art just everywhere, artworks by well-known artists sitting alongside first-timers.

This year the exhibition has been co-ordinated by Richard Wilson and there are all sorts of exciting colourful creations.  There is a whole room dedicated to Bernd and Hilla Becher’s works, the other rooms are themed, I enjoyed the one that seemed to dedicated to nature and the outdoors.  The Royal Academy is one of my favourite exhibitions spaces in London and I highly recommend taking a wander through the halls, taking in the hugely varied works of art.

Alice xxx

Arrived at the RA


A fun hang – the great outdoors
A popular tree
In green
I liked these people
Bernd and Hilla Becher
Particularly pleased with the giant fluorescent finger prints – second from the top in the middle
And this colourful version of one of Palladio’s Venice church’s
A fun reflection
Artworks galore
Hugely satisfying – separate painting and sculpture
In red
And some sculptures

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