Onwards – Caminito Del Rey

We left Seville 🍊 and headed towards Caminito del Rey 🌄, our next destination.  Unfortunately it was closed when we arrived – rocks falling 🗻 from above are a little bit of a hazard.  There seems to be absolutely no way of finding whether or not it open apart from actually turning up at the start point (having walked quite some way), so we resolutely drove over there the following day and excitingly it was 😃!

We donned our hard hats 👷 and off we went.  I would like to tell you that we are not that brave – yes it’s high up, and yes there is not that much supporting you – but it would be pretty unfortunate to fall off the trail.  In the last couple of years they are have a built new trail above the existing one, which is safe, and means that you can pop along and walk through the gorge 🚶.

Andy’s guide book informed us that people had been accidentally dropping off the old trail up until 2001, when the government had closed it.  It was originally built for workers to move between two hydroelectric power plants 🏄 at either end of the gorge – one at El Chorro and one at Gaitanejo Falls.  The old trail is a stone walk-way attached to the side of the cliff and it is still there, below the new one.  Parts of it are missing, so you would have had to have jumped 🏃 – and until it was closed it was supposedly the world’s most dangerous walkway 🚫.

You start at the Gaitanejo Falls end, and they start you off happily, a short walkway through the first gorge with beautiful views🌄.  Next is a walk through the hills 🌲 and then you get to the main part 🗻 and the bridge – it is a little scary, particularly with the wind blowing, and it’s a long way down, although the two small boys with their parents behind us were completely non-plussed 😎.

It was lots of fun, and I am so pleased it was open! We rewarded ourselves with a nice ice cream 🍦 once we had finished.

Alice xxx

Photo 05-05-2016
Off we go
Photo 05-05-2016-2
Light at the end of the very long tunnel
Photo 05-05-2016-3
Getting there (the water is actually that colour)
Photo 05-05-2016-4
Hard hats on
Photo 05-05-2016-6
A nice walk
Ok I took some photos of flowers
Photo 05-05-2016-8
Photo 05-05-2016-10
Approaching the main event
Photo 05-05-2016-11
Almost there
Quite a long way down
Photo 05-05-2016-15
Piece of old walkway missing
Photo 05-05-2016-13
Looking down through the old walkway
nice shot
Photo 05-05-2016-5
Looking up
The bridge
Photo 05-05-2016-16
Photo 05-05-2016-17
Photo 05-05-2016-18
the end

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