The second performance by the Islington Choral Society 🎶 was in Cordoba, so we all hopped on a bus 🚌and off we went for the day.

Cordoba was all about the Mezquita 🏤.  This is a truly splendid building (although you would never know from the outside) and it is technically a mosque-cathedral 🙏.  A Christian temple stood on the original site, and in 784 the original structures were demolished and the grand mosque of Cordoba 🏤 was built.  In 1236 when Cordoba returned to Christian rule the building was converted into a Roman Catholic church ⛪️ and in the 16th century a renaissance cathedral nave was inserted in the centre.

When you enter you are confronted by rows and rows of arches in a red and white stripe pattern ⚪️🔴 – the building is square, and the arches seem to go on for ever in certain directions ↘️↖️.  However, built into the centre is a cathedral nave ⛪️, with an alter and area for the choir 😯.  The nave has been built into the original structure of the mosque, so it feels almost as though it could always have been there – it is like a large well lit 💡 room surrounded by rows and and rows of arches .  There are also side chapels ⛪️surrounding the entire building, again built into the arches.  In the arched areas the light is intermittent 🔦- we were there on a beautifully sunny day, and the dark and light give the whole building a rather magical atmosphere🔮.  It is a truly amazing, and no description can match actually being there – there is so much to take in the combination of moorish and christian architecture and decoration is extraordinary.

After the Mezquita, we had a quick wander around Cordoba in the sunshine, – they have a courtyard competition 💐which was about to take place, and we spied many well laid out, and decorated courtyards – and then it was time for concert number 2🎶.  The church, Parroquia de San Hipolito, was completely different to the one the night before – very simple with white washed walls and the acoustics were better this time.  Again a full audience 😃!

Alice xxx

Photo 01-05-2016-14
Arriving in Cordoba
Photo 01-05-2016-3
Inside the Mezquita
Photo 01-05-2016-4
Photo 01-05-2016-6
The cathedral
Photo 01-05-2016-9
A fun ceiling
Photo 01-05-2016-2
More patterns
Photo 01-05-2016
And shapes
Photo 01-05-2016-10
Photo 01-05-2016-11
Photo 01-05-2016-12
Outside in the sunshine
Photo 01-05-2016-13
A good dress – hush Ascot dressToyshades and Castell Menorca sandals
Photo 01-05-2016-15
More Cordoba
Photo 01-05-2016-16
A courtyard
Photo 01-05-2016-18
Church in the sunshine
Photo 01-05-2016-19
And concert number 2

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