Seville – The Beginning

Next stop – Seville 🍊.

I took the high speed trainΒ πŸš„ – and arrived in Seville 5 hours later, passing through many olive groves 🌳.

I really like Seville 🍊. Β The sunshine β˜€οΈ helped a lot, but it really is just a rather lovely place. Β At the centre, surrounding the cathedral β›ͺ️, the streets are mainly pedestrianised – and there are endless little bars 🍹and restaurants 🍜 lining the streets – and orange 🍊🌳 trees everywhere. Β It is rather wonderful 😊.

I was there with the Islington Choral Society 🎢 – I would like to make it clear that I DO NOT SING 🎀❌ – but know someone who does and I was there as support / enjoying a trip to Seville πŸ’ƒ. Β The choir were about 100 strong, and I think we may have completely taken over the hotel. Β Everyone was very excited – there were many mentions as to how brilliant the last trip to Perugia was. Β There were to be two concerts – one in Seville 🍊 and one in Cordoba 🏰.

We all visited the Real Alcazar 🏀- the main palace in Seville. Β This may have been my favourite place we visited – the palace is a interesting mix of styles from different eras, the first part we went into has bright orange and yellow tiles in floral designs πŸŠπŸ‹πŸ’- the second part is Moorish 🏰 – tiles in geometric patterns ◽️◾️. Β And I loved the gardens 🌳 – tiles πŸ”·β™¦οΈ everywhere still, with palm trees 🌴 and roses 🌹 and many archways 🏰.

The concert 🎢was in the church of Santa Maria Magdalena β›ͺ️ – and there had been many mutterings along the lines of – ‘no one is actually going to turn up ….’ Β however, when we got to the church it was full to the brim, mass had just taken place and NO ONE leftπŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­. Β The huge, very ornate church was packed Β – and they stayed listening to the whole of Mozart’s Requiem 😯🎢. Β Apparently local tv πŸ“Ίhad been plugging Islington Choral Society and people had turned up specially to listen πŸ‘. Β There was a lot of celebration after – the biggest audience ever 🍻!

Alice xxx

Photo 29-04-2016
Found them
Good dress – making a silly face. Β Dress – Mela Loves London; Bag – Alphabet Bags; Shoes – Superga; Sunglasses – Toyshades
Photo 30-04-2016
Seville Cathedral
Photo 30-04-2016-2
Sunshine on the Real Alcazar
Photo 30-04-2016-3
Great hats – in the Real Alcazar
Photo 30-04-2016-4
Photo 30-04-2016-5
Photo 30-04-2016-6
More great tiles
Photo 30-04-2016-7
swifts! in the Real Alcazar
Photo 30-04-2016-8
Main courtyard in the Real Alcazar
Photo 30-04-2016-10
Rather beautiful
Photo 30-04-2016-11
And more
Photo 30-04-2016-9
Tile maker’s ‘signatures’
Photo 30-04-2016-12
Ok another tile…
But they were so pretty…
Photo 30-04-2016-13
Photo 30-04-2016-14
a excellent colour combination
Photo 30-04-2016-16
Photo 30-04-2016-17
and the garden
Photo 30-04-2016-18
enjoying the sunshine
Photo 30-04-2016-19
best friends (actually)
Photo 30-04-2016-20
Photo 29-04-2016-7
a great courtyard
Photo 29-04-2016-4
Fun shop and gallery – Wabi Sabi
Photo 29-04-2016-2
Columbus monument
Photo 29-04-2016-6
Kas limon and some fun shoes
Photo 30-04-2016-21
Sun and cathedral
Photo 30-04-2016-22
time for some singing
Photo 30-04-2016-23
the church
Photo 30-04-2016-24
And the enormous audience