A Riot of Rhododendrons

A quick interlude from my travels (there is lots more Spain to come!), but the rhododendrons are out and they are looking marvellous.

High Beeches Garden has a huge array of Rhododendrons and what I love most is the contrast of colours – pinks, oranges,reds and yellows sit side by side – some with huge flowers, other absolutely tiny.

Below are just some of the very many – they are all rhododendrons unless I have stated otherwise, and they are all in flower at the moment.

Alice xxx


Photo 15-05-2016-2

Photo 15-05-2016-11

Photo 15-05-2016-6

Photo 15-05-2016-8

Photo 15-05-2016-10

Photo 15-05-2016

Pieris Formosa
Pieris Formosa

Photo 15-05-2016-22

Photo 15-05-2016-15

Photo 15-05-2016-12

Photo 15-05-2016-13  Photo 15-05-2016-17

Photo 15-05-2016-19

Photo 15-05-2016-20

Photo 15-05-2016-23

Davidia - The Handkerchief Tree
Davidia – The Handkerchief Tree

Photo 15-05-2016-21

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  1. Loved it.

    Brightened up my team meeting no end (both for me and the other person on my project .. )

    See you soon

    L XXX

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