I am still a little tentative about actually calling myself a blogger 👸- but I suppose I am writing a blog 📘, and people who write blogs 📘 tend to be bloggers 👸 – although I am certainly nowhere near the ‘What do you do?’ ‘I’m a blogger’ stage yet…

I really enjoy writing ✏️, and photo taking 📷, wearing fun outfits 💃, meeting people 👧👦 and discovering new places ⛺️and have a great love for creative editorial 🎀🐩🍍.  I always wanted to work for a magazine –  Pony Magazine 🐴 is where it all began,  I was an avid reader and carefully filed all my copies, and then when I got a bit older, the ponies 🐴 were tossed aside for fashion 👗👠.   Tatler, Vogue and Elle became essential monthly reading material at school, Tatler unashamedly for the Bystander and the Babe of the Month 👶, all those glamorous people at wonderful parties 🍸….I have dallied with many magazines Heat 🙆and Company 💅 were regulars at one time, and The Week 📖 is still a firm favourite (if it counts as a magazine).  And I do love a good independent magazine, I get very excited in Wardour News although WHSmith in Victoria Station is not bad – 10 Magazine is great, Lula, VioletLove, Oh Comely and if you’ve never read Cabinet, youreally ought too.  And then there are the newspaper magazines The Telegraph’s Stella – I have followed Bryony Gordon 👩 for a long time, The Sunday Times Style and also the Sunday Times Magazine, I love Katie Glass‘s  👧column.

My friend Nick 👦very kindly once let me write something for his magazine Fault, but I have to say I now tend to spend most of my time on instagram and blogs (buying a magazine is more of a treat, also they’re heavy to lug about).  The discovery of Cupcakes and Cashmere ☕️was when I first thought writing my own blog might be a genuine possibility – I remember reading that Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere didn’t have enough to do at her internship, and just started writing ✏️.  And there are so many people doing it in so many ways – I love Atlantic Pacific  💛💙❤️ so much and Tales of Endearment makes me want to go on a road trip right this minute, and blogs are where I first discovered Anna Della Russo 👠 (she has a whole separate house, next to her house, just to keep her clothes in), and I will never tire of street style  👘- The Sartorialist is super.  And then I worked with Louisa who writes the blog Fashion Fumblings – and that made me think, I can do this too (thanks Louisa 😊).

So here I am – and it wasn’t easy to start with, actually putting your thoughts and ideas and photos of yourself on the internet is very daunting 😳.

But it is great 😃and I am going to carry on, and thank you everyone 🙏  for being very very encouraging – comments such as ‘On Friday morning I made myself of cup of tea and caught up with your blog’ are so lovely to hear ☺️.

I would also like to say that I am very much writing about the things that I like and want to do – some have been recommended by friends, other times I have been lucky enough to have been taken along to something by a friend.  I wouldn’t be adverse to being given nice things (I mean who wouldn’t), but it’s most important that to me that I write about things I care about ❤️, that inspire me 💙and get me excited 💛.

My next post is going to be about a play I went to see – the tickets for which were given to me.  I like theatre a lot, and the play was Russian Dolls at the King’s Head Theatre 🏤, I shall reveal more, and it was really very very good.  I had to get the whole way from Wandsworth to Islington and back, so I can assure you if it hadn’t been good, you would know about it – I greatly dislike travelling so far by tube 🚝.

Also being a blogger, means selfies (it doesn’t have to, but they are fun) and the lovely awkward selfie at the top of the page was taken at the V & A 🎨.  It was really the #bottishellfie that convinced me to stand in a shell and become Venus 👸 for about 30 seconds – what a marvellous hashtag.

Alice xxx

One thought on “#blogger

  1. So pleased you are going to carry on dear Alice as I really enjoy your blog!
    Lots of love
    Willie xxx

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