A Walk in the Garden

High Beeches Garden has just reopened after the winter, and we went for a walk round the garden to see what is in flower.  I am very good at mainly noticing Camellias 🌺 and Magnolias 🌸, somehow I always get drawn to them.  However, if you look past the flourishes of Camellia flowers there are rather a lot of other fun things to be found, in all sorts of colours.

The Rhododendrons 🌺🌺are starting to flower and there are some magnificent ones – I always find it amazing the difference in size between these trees, there are absolutely tiny ones such as the Rhododendron racemosum, sitting right next to Rhododendron macabeanum, whose flowers I always think looks more like an animal than vegetable.

I was particularly taken with the white star shaped flower on the Rhododendron quinquefolium ⭐️ and also the Grevillea ‘Canberra Gem’, which looks so pretty in flower, and seems so unexpected, the contrast of dark green and bright red ❤️💚.

The cherry blossom 🌸🍒 is starting to appear and we found Prunus Sargentii, an excellent purply pink, and also the Montezuma Pine (such a good name) has cones on it 🌲😍.

There is so much to see, and this is only the beginning – it will be in full bloom before too long 😊.

If you want to read more about the garden in detail – the blog, written by Sarah Bray, has all sorts of details about the garden and the plants – High Beeches Garden blog.

Alice xxx

Grevillea ‘Canberra Gem’
Prunus Sargentii
Berberis lologensis
Rhododendron x ‘Seta’
Rhododendron quinqefolium
Rhododendron Irroratum ‘Polka Dot’
Camellia Japonica with plant hunter in the background
A primrose
Pieris Formosa ‘Jermyn’
Magnolia ‘Leonard Messel’
Viburnum Chingii
Montezuma pine and pinecone ❤️


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