The Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter we hunted for eggs, as this seems the correct thing to do on Easter, and it is really very exciting to find many small brightly coloured chocolate eggs hidden about the garden.  The history behind the easter egg hunt is rather vague – there are references to the Easter egg as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus, the egg symbolising the tomb from which Jesus arose.  Our Easter Egg hunt was comprised of small chocolate eggs wrapped in foil, mainly thanks to Cadbury’s and hidden expertly by Daddy and Willie.  We had a lovely time, although it was a rather blustery day – Pip very sadly wasn’t allowed to join in – chocolate being bad for dogs and all.

Alice xxx

Easter morning
The hunt begins – a keen egg hunter
Could it be an egg? – two hunters and a knowing egg hider
Egg found!
Pip watching the proceedings
A pocketful of eggs
THE Creme Egg
Hidden very carefully in all sorts of places
The end of the hunt – Pip was a bit sad to have missed the fun. 
A lovely collection of eggs

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