Spring Time

Pip 🐶 and I had a walk around High Beeches Garden 🌳this week – and it was so sunny, and beautiful and it really feels as if spring is finally here.

We discovered many wonderful camellias 🌺 and some magnolias 🌸 – the purple flowers of Magnolia Lanarth are beginning to appear, however the lives of the flowers of many have been brutally cut short, by the nasty frost.

Most excitingly – Camellia Lady Vansittart 🌺, my favourite Camellia in the garden, is just starting to flower.  It is the most magnificent tree as it has red AND white flowers, some just red, some just white, some white with red stripes and some pink with white tinges.  It really is the most delightful tree, and it is worth a visit to the garden to observe just this tree with it’s many coloured flowers in all their magnificence.

It was such a beautiful day ☀️ – I am so excited for more spring and sunshine.

Alice xxx

Spring sunshine – hey Daffodils
A camellia
Magnolia mollicomata in front of an oak tree
Frog spawn 🐸
White and red – Camellia Lady Vansittart
So much sunshine
Painting the roses red – Camellia Australis
Camellia x Erin Farmer
More Erin Farmer
Beautiful buds – Erin Farmer
Camellia x Donation
Camellia Donation and red Mahonia Japonica leaves
Magnolia Buds and a blue sky
Pip enjoying the rays

One thought on “Spring Time

  1. I hope the weather continues like this over Easter dear Alice! W xx

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