The Burger, Please

This week I had a burger – a really very very good burger 🍔.  I find there is often the promise that your burger will be the best you’ve ever eaten –  ‘gourmet’ ‘artisanal’ and other such descriptive words get bandied about, but really, if you took a step back and thought about it a bit more – a burger is just a burger – and the ‘upmarket’ ones tend to have a rather samey vibe, which is becoming slightly monotonous.  Writing about burgers makes me realise I eat far too many of them 🍔🍔 – Byron, Hache, GBK, Honest Burger are all pretty good with a side of sweet potato fries.  I really do enjoy a good Meat Mission Chilli burger – I like the no cutlery policy – just go for it – with none of that awkwardness of ‘can I just pick it up and eat it’, or should I start dissecting with my knife and fork.  And I’m not afraid of the lower price range – I’m really very happy with a Maccy D’s Quarter Pounder, and I have yet to try Five Guys but I am told it’s quite like an In and Out burger which I once sampled somewhere in the Nevada desert and was very pleased with.

So when Emily suggested Bobo Social for lunch, I wasn’t all that excited by the prospect of another burger 🍔😮.

We wandered over to the rather charming grey painted building that is Bobo Social, and entered to find a very nice hostess in a red dress.  She had a table available and sat us down, and we each ordered a burger with some fries to share 👧👸.

And you know what – it was really delightful.  I had the Capsicum – a beef and chorizo burger with manchego, salsa and and chillis and Emily had the Peanut Butter one.

The burger was truly delicious and it comes with a fun ‘B’ printed on the bun, and it’s just a very civilised dining experience.  They aren’t trying to be cool and all ‘burgery’ (I know this is not a thing, but so many burger restaurants have such a similar vibe) and instead they are verging on fine dining.  Simple and elegant tables and chairs, not too full, just a rather well put together space – AND the burger is worth it.  It’s a bit pricier than your average Byron burger – but I would highly recommend treating yourself 🍔👍☺️.

After, I let Emily go back to work and wandered down to Piccadilly to the Royal Academy 🎨where I met Sarah as we were going to see the In the Age of Giorgione exhibition.

This was a good idea, as the Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse 🎨🌳(which I do very much want to see) was SWARMING with every retired gentleman and lady who lunches – so we left them to it and went to have a look at some Venetian Renaissance art 🚣.

I have spent a lot of time with Venetian art – really rather a lot, and Giorgione is one of those mysterious people that no one really seems to know very much about – sometimes I suspect he wasn’t a real person.  His ‘Tempesta‘ ⚡️ in the Academia in Venice is the important work – it influenced all the renaissance Venetian artists (ok this is an exaggeration, but he was important, particularly to Titian) and I actually couldn’t have named any other of Giorgione’s works.  It turns out there aren’t too many of them – the exhibition was comprised of the classic sections – ‘Portraits’ 👩 ‘Landscapes’ 🌄 ‘Religious Works’ 👼, usually with one or two paintings by Giorgione.  All the other painting are by Venetian artists of the same period – Bellini and Durer (we liked his watercolour of a mill) are there – Giorgione may have influenced them, or maybe they influenced him, it tends to be a bit ambiguous.  It was very nice however to see some good Venetian Renaissance art and we enjoyed the exhibition, particularly Giorgione’s Il Tramonto which has resemblances to the Tempesta.

Next we went to have a drink in the Academician’s Room – you can go if you are a Member or a Friend – and if someone offers to take you I suggest you take them up on it.  It is a lovely room, with a bar and sofas and chairs, and a rather nice calm after all the gallery goers below.  And it is filled with all sorts of artworks which is rather fun.  So Sarah and I enjoyed some peaceful, post exhibition viewing drinks and had a lovely catch up.

Alice xxx

papped 📷💥
THE burger
There he is!
A lovely booklet
What a nice room
See ya later Giorgione


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