Lunch with Bumble

Today I hung out with Bumble 🐰❤️, and I feel we have finally bonded – he’s really not a bad chap after all.

Bumble is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, and he is supposed to be quite small.  But Bumble is not very small, so I decided it was about time he took some exercise.  I didn’t use the lead, as he can’t get down the big steps into the garden proper and I let him roam about on the ‘decking’.  My thoughts were, if he can’t escape, and he can’t chew through any wires, all must be good.  However, Chatty (Bumble’s owner) reminded me of pesky cats who might like to eat him, so sadly Bumble went back to his hutch.  We did however get some fun snaps.

He is really rather sweet, a lovely grey colour, and he has huge fluffy back feet.  He was quite tentative to start with, but got more bold over time, even doing some fun sort of bunny ‘leaps’ and eyeing up the descent into the actual garden.  I think he really needs some bunny friends to play with 💙💗🐰🐰

Bumble, we will hang out again soon 😉🐰

Alice xx

Lunch with Bumble and a Camellia!
He enjoyed the chairs
Getting more adventurous
Rabbit caught in headlights
Good taste (post party garden mess, oh dear)
Surveying his Kingdom
Hide and Seek
Itchy nose
Most dignified

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