Bookshop Days – Potterton Books

I have been working a number of days for Potterton Books 📚 recently, which I always really enjoy.  Potterton has a brilliant collection of things – new and vintage books on interior design, architecture, country houses, gardens, art, fashion along with all sorts of art and sculpture 🎨🗿 – all carefully chosen and beautifully displayed.  What I love most about working at Potterton, apart from being able to browse the books and discover new artists, are the people 👧👦 who come into the shop.  Bookshop shoppers tend to be a certain type – quiet, respectful and happy to get lost in their own little world.  I love that hushed air when you enter a bookshop, not quite as intense as when entering a library, nor as somber as a church, just the general feeling that quietness is important.  Potterton is fun, as amongst the people drawn in by the promise of exciting books yet to be discovered, there are others who are after something very specific, often for fascinating reasons.  One Saturday I had a lady looking for a book on dolls houses (we had it) as hers was featured.  Another time man on the hunt for a book by an antiquated architect – he had not only recently bought a house designed by the architect, but had supper with him the previous evening.  Authors and artists sometimes drop in too – I had an intriguing afternoon with Ilona Rodgers author of the Nanny Musgrove books, briefly met Christopher Brown – I bought a print, they are super – and loved meeting Cleonice Capice.  They often have private views for artists, and book signings, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on the newsletter.  They will also source books for you, so if you are after a long lost, out of print copy, Potterton will find it for you.

It’s such a lovely little shop on Lower Sloane Street – I would recommend dropping in if you are near, there is always something new to discover, it’s a ideal place for presents, and they do cards as well.  Artisan du Chocolat is also next door and they do really excellent hot chocolate AND sugar free truffles that taste great, a real added bonus 😉.

Alice xxx

Clive Nichols – English Gardens
Nicholas Foulkes – Bals
Owl by Bea Forshall
Walnuts and Peaches
Bronze walnuts by Alice Andrea Ewing
Painting by Julian Sutherland-Beatson
Super window
Reflection in ‘The Happy Prince’

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