Catch Up

This week, since arriving back in sunny Wandsworth from Florence, I haven’t been completely idle and I thought I’d give you my week update in photos 😊

Sad being back in London 💙
Did go to Sotheby’s – we like these Winding Towers Bernd and Hilla Becher
Victoria Secret’s

I am going to make a quick interlude here and say that I was passing Victoria Secret’s and thought I would pop in and have a look.  And I am going to make a small judgement on any girl who sends her boyfriend into this shop – seriously, no man should have to enter unless they genuinely want to (like the man I accidentally caught on camera on the far left).  There are THREE WHOLE FLOORS of knickers and bras, and it’s extraordinarily overwhelming – I like shopping, and I wasn’t coping entirely.  How many different types of pants can there be – someone really needs to get a balance between M&S’s boring black and white, and the circus show that is Victoria Secret’s – I just need to buy some new pants.

Great display Sonia Rykiel 📚
I wrote a piece on Allen Jones: Maitresse, at the Michael Werner Gallery – I’ll let you know if it turns up anywhere 😉
Had coffee with Bumble from the most absurdly small espresso pot. Bumble kept hiding behind my laptop
Decided that I need to go away somewhere fun again soon – channelling Suzy in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom
Broke lent – ate A LOT of nutella
Had fish and chips in The Fish Club ❤️🐟
Hung out with Pip and Barney
We looked at Magnolia Sargentiana – just coming out
Found a nice dress from Quiz

I am going to let you into a small secret, one which I may regret 😳.  I am often looking for full length dresses 👗 (all this reeling 💃) and they are tricky to find at a price that means you don’t need remortgage your house 🏡💵.  However, Debenhams has a line called Quiz.  And Quiz makes full length dresses UNDER £70.  I know, I know, it seems ludicrous – but really they do exist.  Ok the material is not exactly luxurious, you have to accept there will be some diamante 💎, and trying on is an absolute must.  But for reeling they are fantastic, as, if we are honest, reeling is more of a hardcore sport 🏃 than dainty dancing 💃, and by the end of a night of reels, plus further dancing in some insalubrious nightclub your dress doesn’t always come off best.  So at £70 a pop (and they are often in the sale, I’ve got one before for £30) they are a very good investment.  The other key factor is that they are exactly the right length – none of this taking up business, which is such a bore (I really need to learn to sew ).  I always find most full length dresses are made for incredibly lengthly females and it just isn’t working on my 5ft 4ness.  So whoever you are that is making these dresses, you are wonderful and please do continue, they fit me incredibly well – I really like the navy one in the image above.  And please can you all not rush out instantly and buy one, as it would be so boring if we all ended up wearing the same dress to the ball 💃😉


One thought on “Catch Up

  1. Until I read the comment below the photo I thought that was a full size cafetiere of coffee and said to myself – crikey, that Bumble is a big rabbit!
    W xx


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