A Day in the Real Countryside and a Trip to Selfridges

So I have been asked what the word ‘edgy’ means from a confused reader (my father) – so I thought to make it clear to all I would give you the definition according to the internet:

1. tense, nervous, or irritable.
“he became edgy and defensive”
synonyms: tense, nervous, on edge, highly strung, anxious, apprehensive, uneasy, ill at ease, unsettled, unstable; 
2. informal
at the forefront of a trend; experimental or avant-garde.
“their songs combine good music and smart, edgy ideas”


No. 2 is the important one.

So the day before yesterday I went to the countryside 🌳🍃.  National Rail 🚂 also seem to think Wandsworth is not in London – I despair.    Anyway I spent the day with Pip and Barney – who are excellent companions, and really don’t mind at all that I am unemployed.  We went for a walk in the sunshine ☀️ – it was a beautiful frosty day.  Pip is feeling quite over enthusiastic about life at the moment – (I would say ‘edgy’ definition No. 1 would apply to his current disposition) and I think the walk 🚶 did us all good – the only destruction that took place, whilst I was in charge, was the tearing apart of an out of print Hillier’s Trees and Shrubs book 📗….  we think perhaps it’s a teenage thing.

The three of us also visited Granny 👵- and we spoke at length about Dolly Pentreath, the last woman to speak the cornish language apparently, and about my Great Grandmother, who was the youngest but one of her father’s 15 children – can you imagine…  her mother had 6 daughters 👭👭👭.  She must have had real Mrs Bennett Syndrome…  Granny also thinks Barney is ‘obstinate’ which I think is very unfair – he just isn’t.

Duck in the ‘countryside’ – taken by Max
Off we go (nice hush parka )
Frosty – mud on nose
ice ice baby
Biscuit time
‘Mars is bright tonight’ – walking home in the Twilight – yes I know it’s the moon

Yesterday I got on my bicycle and took myself over to Selfridges👗🎀👠.  I really like Selfridges, particularly floor 2 where all the good things are.  I like it because they have all the designers in one place, and because you are allowed to actually touch the clothes and even try them on.  You can roam to your hearts 💗 content, with only a few ‘can I help yous’ and see all the new collections in one place.  I never try things on (except shoes) and I really should.  I have a friend who was once convinced by an Alexander McQueen sales assistant that she must try a dress on – and it ripped 👗💔.  I mean, I just don’t know what you do in that situation – it’s not like TK Maxx where you tell sales assistant in the cloakroom that ‘you really love it, but it’s not for you’ (whilst making sure the damaged item is well hidden) and then scarper from the shop at a fast pace and pray the next time you come back it’s not the same person on duty…. (Ok I’m really not that bad, I do usually confess…)

I really do love wandering about Selfridges – there is such an excitement about seeing so many beautiful designs 👗💘 in one place all so carefully displayed – I get really quite elated 😍 once I arrive on the second floor  (it’s not quite how Holly Golightly 🚬 feels about Tiffany’s, but I imagine a similar vibe).  I also like that they play upbeat almost club like music 🎶 – it’s quite fun.  This time I found some real delights:

The best floor
Still not quite the right price range Selfridges..

My first discovery were some Simone Rocha dresses that looked like they were made out of candy floss (not sticky) and clouds.  I would probably only ever where such a thing if I happened to end up at a party in an Art Deco house in Palm Springs 🌴 – that would be great:

Simone Rocha floaty dresses

I enjoyed these Dries Van Noten shorts immensely, and a fun necklace – I love overstated jewellery like this, the kind that your Barbie would wear – but actually you just wished it was in your size:

Dries Van Noten – Funky
Dries Van Noten – Oversize jewels

Then a peak at these fantastic Alaia dresses – waisted dresses are the best, and look at the way they hang –  they do them in black too:

Alaia again

A nice Pucci dress (I don’t always get on with Pucci that well) but I do love a good pink and orange combo:


I adore what Alessandro Michele is doing with Gucci – I really like the touch of the traditional, that green and red signature stripe with things like this – particularly the silver jacket 💙💙💙:

Gucci fun
Gucci silver jacket 💙💕

Roksanda is great – because she does geometric patterns in bright colours, and because she makes skirts like below.  And this gem of  a shirt (I don’t get on with buttons very well, so the use of shirt studs on a crisp white shirt, combined with the coloured stripes on the cuffs really is magical):

Lots of Roksanda
Roksanda – What a skirt
Roksanda – a delightful shirt

And then Miu Miu.  I wish I had the opportunity and the resources to wear head-to-toe Miu Miu one day a week.  Just because.  It is always so different and so fun and I love the daring of the designs – such as these snakeskin and glitter shoes (these are not my thing) but they fact that they exist is just so good.  I loved the jewels, and I quite want the scent.  I think for Miu Miu I would become the consumer who buys the perfume or the sunglasses – just to own a touch of the magic.  An almost, but not really affordable, very own piece of Miu Miu 💘:

Miu Miu – Silly wonderful shoes
Miu Miu Jewels
Miu Miu – fun jacket (same pattern on dress)
Miu Miu – nice perfume

I spotted a few other things – Givenchy sequin skirt ⭐️⭐️🌟 (so many twinkles), a superb dress by Toni Maticevski, Moncler ski jacket in bright orange, a beautiful blue suede Loewe handbag (I once saw someone in Milan with the Loewe Amazona bag in tan with magenta pink handles, and have never seen it since – it was so wonderful, and I really do want it) and the Chanel quilted bag in shiny bright pink and bright blue – YES Chanel.  Oh and the most hideous Christopher Kane duo – a full length red dress made of hearts and a jacket made of rubber (seriously?).

Givenchy sequins
Toni Maticevski dress
Moncler – let’s go skiing!


Loewe Flamenco knot bag – beautiful blue suede
YES Chanel
Just No Christopher Kane (nice accidental mirror selfie..)

I had a quick whip around the shoes – I like the heels on these Sophia Webster shoes – I think excellent if you want a little bit of jazz to your wedding shoes:

Jazzy Sophia Webster
You’d never know from the front – Sophia Webster

But really everything was looking quite beige, in colour and in attitude.  Except some silly Stella McCartney flatforms – I also got overexcited by the fur coat the lady in the background is wearing (probably should stop taking creepy sneaky photos of people I don’t know) – fun fur coat though….

silly Stella McCartney shoes

It was a lovely excursion – perhaps I will go back soon and try some things on.

Alice xxx

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