A Trip to Chiswick

Good morning!

David Bowie ⚡️ has died which is very sad news – Bowie is rather wonderful, I love this song, and he has only just released a new album.  I share my love of Bowie with a number of friends and last week we almost went to a Bowie night at Camden Blues Kitchen.  Nick, I am still sad we did not go, I think we are now going to have to make up for it and go dancing.

So, this how I kept myself entertained this weekend…


The main excitement was a trip to Chiswick House 🏡 or Lord Burlington’s villa at Chiswick – Lord Hervey described it as, ‘Too small to live in, and too big to hang to a watch’⌚️.  I personally think it is the perfect size, and I would absolutely love to have a party there (a civilised one 🍸with these kind of champagne glasses), so if anyone would like to allow this to happen… 💃

It was actually built to be used for entertaining 💃 and for displaying Lord Burlington’s extensive art collection 🎨 and was never meant to be lived in.  It is a wonderful example of Neo-Palladian architecture 🏡 and is a charming mesh of the classical temple design of ancient Rome and Andrea Palladio’s 16th century villa design.  Something I really want to do is take a trip along the Brenta Canal and go and visit many many of Palladio’s villas 🏠🏠🏠.  The original plan for the villa by Colen Campbell, was actually rejected by Lord Burlington, and was subsequently used for Mereworth Castle, somewhere else that would be fascinating to have a nose around.

My sisters and I decided to go on a trip there, as we like it lots – and we picked up Olivia on the way.  I seemed to be running an uber 🚕 service as I picked up people from various parts of London – and the traffic was TERRIBLE 🚙🚕🚗🚕.  This trip actually really was fairly disastrous – it took us an hour to get there, I almost had a break down when I got trapped in one of those criss-cross yellow boxes 🚧  (they are the bane of my existence driving in London) and Olivia wasn’t feeling super sparky 😳.  We did eventually get to Chiswick after some appalling map 📉 reading from my middle sister, and some seriously questionable back-seat driving.  We only had 40 minutes until the grounds closed, as our trip had been delayed as Emily had ‘needed’ to get her nails painted 💅…

Anyway we had a lovely wander about the gardens 🌳🌱 (designed by William Kent), looked at the house 🏠, observed the many many hounds 🐶🐺 frolicking about (I have never seen so many dogs roaming in one place), looked at some fun flamingoes (not real) being set up for a lantern festival 🎆, took a nice photo of a Monkey Puzzle 🙊 tree and had a peak into the conservatory.  The conservatory was a highlight as they are filled with Camellias 🌸🌺 in flower! I really love camellias very much.  So after all that it was time to go home – AND IT TOOK SO LONG.  Emily ran home (you’ve probably spotted she’s all clad in lycra and neon trainers – 100% the best option though.)  I am never driving on Saturday in London ever again – I mean Wandsworth to Chiswick really shouldn’t take that long, it really shouldn’t.  And it properly poured with rain. ☔️.  Anyway we did get home eventually as Susannah was off to a ball in her super Butter by Nadia dress 💃.

Tripping – off we go! Super Poppy London hat
Excited for the day out
Just strolling
Nice house
This is nice
YES – Chuck and Blair – they have other options too ❤️. Oh and nice nails.
What a lovely nail colour (Villa closed this time of year sadly)
A photo I took on a sunnier day
Flamingoes (not alive)
Reason for flamingoes
Conservatory – the best part
A camellia
Butter by Nadia Dress! – Susannah ready to have a ball


Sunday was nice.  We had breakfast in Flotsam and Jetsam 🚣 on Wandsworth Parade, which is very nice indeed.  It is definitely the most hipster destination in Wandsworth (you can have a flat white ☕️ and smashed avocado 🍵) – although Wandsworth can never be hipster, it’s really more Gwyneth Paltrow wannabe yummy mummies, with dachshunds 🐶, small children on scooters and pristine Hunter wellies.  But Flotsam and Jetsam is lovely and I ate this 🍓👌:


Earl Grey please
Flat white, obviously

I also visited Alex (who put up with me living with her for 3 years!) and James and it was very nice to see them both.  Alex is a very good host, and we drank lapsang ☕️ from her wonderful teapot and she fed me chocolate 🍫 (not literally).  We then had champagne 🍸, just because and Alex already had some open, and I am unemployed.  Just a glass each – as James has been learning to do this:

The champagne bottle

He has a sword 🔪, don’t you know, and he says he is happy to give lessons 😉.

A very good Emma Bridgewater teapot

So the weekend was good – and I am excited for the week to come!

Alice xxx


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