Day 5

First I wanted to let you know that last night I made beetroot and goats 🐐 cheese risotto using this recipe, we added the mackerel 🐟 which gave it a really good flavour.  My flatmate Chatty helped me with the cooking – she is an excellent cook, I am a fairly nervous cook and it was nice to have some moral support in the kitchen.  I actually took Leith’s Course in Food and Wine 🍴🍷 a while ago , and can make a roux and exquisite Julienne vegetables 🍆, but I get nervous feeding other people.  Chatty helped me along and we produced a very nice pink risotto 💗🍚 – there was mutterings from the boys about me remaining unemployed – I think they are very happy to be being fed regularly ☺️ …..

Risotto (In an Italian accent)

Today I met my mother, grandmother and sister 👭👭 in the boutique 👗 Katharine Bird on Battersea Rise.  This was an interesting experience – I have been shopping many times with Mummy and Susannah, but never with Granny.

Mummy and Susannah tried on some proper dresses 👗👠 as we are going to a ‘do’ in February, whilst I spoke to Granny about my unemployment, in-between fashion tips from her ‘It used to be death to be seen in a duffle coat’ and comments to the lady running the shop ‘such large girls, you have to see their father to understand where they get their long legs from’ (he is very tall)…. and a mention of my housemate Max ‘that lovely boy who designs motor cars 🚗 ‘.

Granny did say that she would be happy to employ me as a secretary one day a week – she has written an article about her plant hunting travels ✈️ 🗻🌸🌺⛺️ for the annual RHS Rhodedendrons, Camellias and Magnolias yearbook and the article may need editing.  I may take you up on that Granny!

The most exciting thing about Katherine Bird was the discovering of many many pom poms 🔵🔴.  Everywhere, on gloves, scarves, key ring and necklaces – they were spectacular in all sorts of jewel colours💛💙💚.  Laura Pritchard makes them as Jessica Jewels, and I very much wanted to run away with all of them.  I love the necklaces with tassels, and we spoke about dangly pom pom 🔵🔵 earrings – I really want some (must be large pom poms 👌.)  I bought a royal blue pom pom 🔵 keyring which clashes wonderfully with my orange rucksack 🍊 – I’m not sure what Granny thought.  I have gone a little pom pom mad 💓 🔵, but it was such fun, I might have to go back and get the gloves!!

Alice xxx

Observing the proceedings – excellent hat
A very elegant dress


Angel Suzie in a Dom Goor top
Little and Large, gloves and scarves
These necklaces are wonderful
Scarf selfie
New pom pom in place




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