Day 3

And on the third day Alice cleaned the kitchen 🍴.  And Tom was pleased.

My main event of the day was roller blading.  Yes, I own roller blades, although I’ve hardly ever used them, but they are so fun and now I live near Wandsworth Common there are so many roller blading opportunities.  So I donned my wrist guards and knee pads and went for a spin 🚙.  Turns out the common is on a slight incline 🎢, and I was laughed at a lot by a group of builders on my way, but no matter.  I got into my stride and sailed past the yummy mummies – they always congregate for a gossip next to the bridge over the rail way line 🚂 – today they were clad in long puffa coats, pom pom beanies and had two very patient westies and a dachshund in tow 🐶🐶🐶.  I made my way around the common, narrowly avoiding killing a very small labradoodle 🐩 that got in my path, and made it home in one piece.  It was great fun, and tomorrow I am going to do more roller blading.  My flatmate Tom has suggested I learn the routine from Starlight Express… I mean, I probably won’t….. 💃💫.  (I also made a short roller blading video, which I haven’t worked out how to post yet…. but I shall work it out 👍)

I also met up with Peter.  Peter is an incredibly wise person not least because he suggested having a bottle of red wine 🍷🍷 at 3.30pm in the afternoon on a dreary miserable day, but also because one of his favourite films is Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ particularly this part.  We wandered across Clapham Common 🌳 and sat in the window of Gastro, drinking some vin rouge, and I ate some brie, whilst interrogating Peter about his general day to day existence.  Peter is a musician 🎶 and writer 📖 (sometimes writer and musician), has a David Bowie ⚡️ look about him and told me all about his music creation process, the short stories he has written and his new tattoo ❤️.  I enjoyed our conversation a lot, so have decided to write more about Peter and his flourishing non-conventional career tomorrow ✏️.

Alice xxx

Off we go
The ramp the builders set up for me, clearly I look like an expert roller blader
Peter mid interrogation – with red wine in Gastro
My bicycle and a tree



3 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. This is lovely – thank you for doing it!

    Looking forward to the next instalment

    L XXX


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