Days 1 and 2 – the Adventure Begins

Today is actually day 2 of my adventure towards finding a new job, so I am going to fill you in with yesterday and today.  At the moment, I am gathering my thoughts, and beginning to have a look at what I really want to do next.  The prospect of not knowing exactly ‘what is next’ is incredibly daunting, as well as very exciting.  I have a lot of time – the most time I have had since university (when there were always essays that were supposed to be being written, and reading to be done).  So I must use my time wisely! This is what has taken place over the last two days:

DAY 1:

I may well be having a quarter life crisis.  Yesterday I went for a run and baked a lemon drizzle cake.

Run 🏃was 17 minutes long, around Wandsworth common.  I felt a little sheepish as I passed a number of yummy mummies walking their border terriers 🐶, in their lycra and trendy trainers – these are usually the people I feel a tad bit superior towards as I cycle past them on my way to work.  But never mind – running must be good, and anyway I was very happy as I was wearing my bright yellow hush jumper, like this but in a super sunshine yellow ☺️.

So, the boys were incredibly enthusiastic when I mentioned baking, and lemon drizzle came out as top choice.

I used this Nigella recipe from Bee, that is absolutely superb – my only deviance was to use wheat-free flour (all we had in the house), and it was demolished almost at once:

Lemon Drizzle

It is very lemony 🍋🍋🍋, in a very good way.

DAY 2:

The morning was spent with Bumble 🐰 and our new coffee machine ☕️.  Ok that’s a slight lie, I had a very speedy coffee and cuddle with Bumble before dropping my flatmates smashed phone at the dodgy phone shop, and then cycling central to have lunch with my sister.  She is employed and is VERY busy, such a hectic lifestyle, ‘I mean I can give you 45 minutes’.

I love cycling in London as you discover things enroute, and see so much of the city.  I also have a fantastic new basket for my bicycle which is making me very happy.  Wandsworth to Fitzrovia took me just under an hour (I got a little lost on the wrong side of the river and ended up in a park) but I made it to Homeslice in time to have pizza with Emily and her friend Ned.  The pizza is fantastic, we had: half ‘salami, rocket and parmesan’ and half ‘goat shoulder, savoy cabbage and sumac yoghurt, and they give it to you on one big round board, so you just help yourselves 👌🍕.  I then had a sneaky hot chocolate ☕️ at attendant which is a converted Victorian public toilet.  I have to say, I do find it slightly creepy and weird sitting in an old urinal, but I used to work close by, and they do an excellent bacon sandwich, and very kindly charged my phone for me today.

I will keep you posted with tomorrow’s excitements!

Alice xxx

Alice Frances
Bicycle with basket
Bumble at breakfast
Pizza at Homeslice
Just a nice fat coke
The people I creepily took a photo of in attendant (I just wanted the urinal…)
A fun arty photo, on leaving attendant


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