Magnolia Sargentiana and a Murray Arbeid Dress

 Magnolia Sargentiana var robusta Chenault

IMG_7082 IMG_7120IMG_7107IMG_7110 IMG_7117 IMG_7104 Magnolia Sargentiana was named after Charles Sargent, the Director of the Arnold Arboretum.  It was discovered by Ernest Wilson in 1903 in the hamlet of Yin-Kou, in the western Sechuan province of China.  On a second expedition in 1908 Wilson collected the seeds of this variety, Magnolia Sargentiana var robusta. Magnolia Sargentiana var robusta Chenault at High Beeches Gardens was blown over in the great storm of 1987.  It still flowers every year, and looks absolutely spectacular in early April.

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Dress: Vintage Murray Arbeid; Shoes: Office.

Photographed by: Sarah Bray & Emily Bray

Photographed at: High Beeches Garden