Bewitched. Bedazzled. Bewildered.

IMG_6241 edit

I went to see Rebecca Campbell’s delightful new exhibition – Bewitched. Bedazzled. Bewildered at the Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery, comprised of 24 paintings inspired by her recent trip to India.

The influence of India can be seen in many of her previous works, however this is the first time India has been the central theme to a collection.  Inspiration is drawn from the detail and colours of Mughal miniatures in particular, along with her experience of travelling in India, first in her early twenties and a more recent trip.

Rebecca’s works are captivating, the exquisite detail in her paintings is perfectly offset by the beautiful composition.  Particularly striking is ‘The Champion of Love’ with the painting decisively split into two halves – the bright red contrasting with the serene grey.  There is often a sense of mystery and fun in her works – the palace submerged in water in ‘Hitching a Lift’, and you are often drawn in by an alluring detail such as the tiger sleeping peacefully indoors in ‘Inner Sanctum’.

Although the paintings are often filled with detail, they emanate a sense of calm – everything is just as it should be, at that specific moment.  It is a enchanting exhibition, and the paintings are even more bewitching when seen in the original.  The exhibition is on until the 27th September at the Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery.

The-Champion-of-Love-72dpi-2 (1)

 ‘The Champion of Love’



‘Hitching a Lift’


 ‘Inner Sanctum’




Top Image: Jacket: Vintage Joseph; Ribbon: MaCulloch & Wallis. Painting: ‘Festival of Light’ by Rebecca Campbell.

Rebecca Campbell Paintings: The Champion of Love, Hitching a Lift, Inner Sanctum, Vindaloo – images all courtesy of Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery.

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