Borde Hill Garden


Borde Hill Garden in West Sussex was created in the 1900s and surrounds a striking Tudor Mansion built in 1598. The garden is perfect for an afternoon stroll with each area of the garden designed in a unique style.


The Rose Garden


The Rose Garden close to the house is particularly attractive at this time of year, boasting over 100 varieties of David Austin roses which sit prettily alongside the blue nepeta.

The Italian Garden


The peaceful Italian Garden is perfect for quiet reflection.  The formal lay-out, with a pool at the centre surrounded by pots of agapanthus and geraniums is offset by a view out over the surrounding countryside.


The Round Dell


The Round Dell really is sub-tropical, with bananas and towering palm trees, perfect to lose yourself in for a few moments although rather a relief once you emerge and realise you are not lost in the rainforest but rather a garden in the Sussex countryside.

Dress: Mela Love London; Hat: Vintage Herald and Heart; Shoes: JuJu.

Photography: Sarah Bray

Photographed at Borde Hill Garden

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