The Frog King


‘With that she became bitterly angry and threw him against the wall with all her might. “Now you will have your peace, you disgusting frog!”

But when he fell down, he was not a frog, but a prince with beautiful friendly eyes. And he was now, according to her father’s will, her dear companion and husband. He told her how he had been enchanted by a wicked witch, and that she alone could have rescued him from the well, and that tomorrow they would go together to his kingdom.’ – Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

The Gunnera plant is incredibly distincitive due to it’s enormous dark green leaves. Densely clustered together and bearing down from their great height, the leaves can be rather foreboding. The perfect setting for a fairy-tale scene, whose original story from the brothers Grimm is not quite as enchanting as we are always led to believe.

Dress: Vintage Annabelinda

Photography: Sarah Bray

Photographed at High Beeches Garden

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